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Thursday, October 29, 2009

How Equipment Leasing Began

Equipment Leasing has become a permanent fixture in business today, but how did it all start? When did equipment leasing become so important, and who is responsible for the practice? Leasing has a long and interesting history; we've put together the basics to give you an idea of where Tiger Leasing came from.

In 1984, clay tablets were found that provided evidence that equipment leasing has been around since 2010 B.C. In the ancient city of Ur, priests, who were governing the city, were leasing equipment and tools to farmers in the area. Leasing was not isolated to UR though, as proof of leasing has been found in ancient Babylonia, Egypt, Greece and Rome as well.

Here in America, equipment leasing has been around since the 1700's. Horses, buggies and wagons were leased to farmers, travelers and others. In the late 1800's, leased barges, locomotives and railroad cars helped build our country. Vendor leasing appears to have first appeared in America in the 1920's. In the 20's, companies were marketing their equipment by offering consumers the option to purchase equipment on an installment plan. These offers were presented to financing companies and banks at a discounted rate, allowing for vendor leasing to take root.

World War II was an important time for the leasing industry. Companies were looking for ways to attain assets and resources, without spending a ton of money on investments that wouldn't be as in demand once the war was over. At this point in leasing history, more sophisticated forms of leases began to develop. And the industry as a whole took off.

In 1954, the U.S. Leasing Corporation was the first company to take on the all-purpose equipment leasing that we have come to expect in today's business world. Though many things have changed since 1954, including tax laws, business models, accounting practices and more, the core of equipment leasing is still the same.

Much like the farmers and priests in 2010 B.C. Ur, equipment leasing is still offering companies an alternative to purchasing equipment. Leasing is still providing growing companies with the resources and technology they need to grow and thrive in our economy. There is no doubt the industry will continue changing, to better the lives of entrepreneurs and businesses, but at the core, equipment leasing will remain a reliable means for companies to grow.


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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Welcome to the Equipment Leasing Blog

At Tiger Leasing, we structure equipment leasing agreements and customized financing programs for growing businesses. Through working with expanding businesses, and growing our own business at the same time, we have lots of information, advice and tips for business owners, and anyone interested in learning more about the business world. From our specialty, equipment leasing, to more general business advice, this blog is the place to get great ideas.

Here at Tiger, we know equipment leasing. Our staff has experience creating customized leasing packages that include medical equipment, computers and software, restaurant equipment, heavy machinery, furniture, telephone equipment and so much more. We work with a number of equipment vendors and businesses to ensure that we can provide the resources and equipment many types of growing businesses need. Our diverse work in the field will allow us to share great information with you in our Equipment Leasing section of this blog.

Within the Business Tips category, you will find posts to help you understand the business world. We'll be covering broad business concepts, giving you ideas on how to grow your company, stay competitive, and become a more informed business person. We'll be sharing with you some great marketing and sales ideas, tips on how to expand a business, information about HR topics and advice on dealing with coworkers and employees. The Business Tips category will be full of resources and support for those looking to learn more about the business world.

Tiger Leasing's Business Equipment Network (otherwise known as BEN) allows you to compare different pricing and service offerings to ensure that you're getting the best deal on whatever equipment needs you face. The BEN category will feature posts focusing on how our comparison service allows companies to make the most from their investments. Be sure to also check out the Business Equipment Network Group on Facebook.

Everyone needs a break sometimes, and Tiger Leasing understands that. The Life is Fun category will feature blog posts that focus on making time for something fun. Whether it's a simple way to relax at your desk or some great ways to celebrate your coworkers, this section will hopefully bring a smile to your face. It is our hope that people remember to take some time every day to have a little fun, and the Life is Fun category is our way of helping people do just that.

Tiger Leasing, LLC is an independent equipment leasing company headquartered in New York City. The professionals that make up our team are dedicated to providing customized commercial leasing programs that meet the needs of growing companies. The Tiger Leasing News category was created in hopes of keeping our Blog readers up to date on the exciting things going on at our company.

Overall, the Equipment Leasing Blog is our way of sharing our experience, knowledge and insight with you. We hope you check back often, as we'll be regularly adding posts. Please post a comment and let us know your thoughts on any given topic, or let us know what you'd like to hear about. We're very excited about the premiere of our Blog, and we hope you are too!

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