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Monday, December 14, 2009

Grow Wisely

Companies need to be creative to increase their sales and their profits. The struggle most companies face is how to spend money wisely in order to generate an increase in future cash flows. Re-investing in your own company is crucial to your business. Figuring out how and where to spend the money most effectively can be a challenge. Tiger Leasing has put together some tips to help you grow wisely.

Budget Wisely -
Figure out how much you have, and how much you need to spend on the necessities in the near future before deciding how much you want to spend. Check out your loan and financing options. Know your limits, your credit score, and your D&B rating.

Choose Wisely -
After deciding how much you have, it's time to decide how to spend. Figuring out what your company needs is no easy task. You want the largest possible return on investment, and you want it as soon as possible. Do you need new computers, or a larger staff? Would new software help you be more efficient, or would it make more sense to buy new machinery? Whether you're looking to produce a new product, or to relocate to a new location, you have decisions to make. Brainstorm with others and decide which assets warrant your investment, and which you can do without. A new staff member may be a welcome addition, but what if you can do the work faster and easier with new technology, instead of having to hire, train, and pay a new person?

Research Wisely
Once you've decided which resources to pursue, do your research. Don't just focus on getting the best deal in the sales room, look for other options. Did you know that leasing lets you conserve your cash by paying only for what you use? There are tax benefits for companies who lease as well. Use the LeaseCalc to figure out your monthly payments. Get all the information before committing to your investment.

Grow Wisely -
It isn't always easy to recognize what the best "next step" for your company is, but it's important to take the time to figure it out. With all the pressure to grow and expand to stay competitive, irrational decisions and purchases can do more harm than ever. Decide what you want to spend, what you need to grow, and research how to get what it is you need in a way that works best for you. You have more options than ever before, take advantage of them.

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