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Monday, March 8, 2010

Wasting Time

We're all guilty of getting a little distracted in the office every now and then. While some of those little interruptions may save our sanity every once and awhile, there are times we could all do without. By getting rid of some of those distractions, you can reduce your stress levels and increase your productivity.

  • Limit your Social Networking. Social Networking is a huge part of the business world. Many companies encourage their employees to be active on LinkedIn, or become fans of Corporate's Facebook page. There is an important difference however, between networking with professionals and playing Farmville. Make sure you are acting professionally online when you're on your company's time.

  • Ignore your e-mail. E-mails have a way of demanding our attention immediately, whether they deserve it or not. Some e-mail systems interrupt our concentration by playing a noise with each new e-mail in our inbox. Others display a pop up window. How many of those e-mails actually require immediate action? Try disabling those notification features, or set a time goal for yourself that you will go for before reading through your e-mails. By concentrating on the task at hand, rather than being interrupted by every e-mail that comes your way, you will get your work done faster, and probably pay more attention to detail.

  • Postpone that call. Cell phones are amazing things, but they don't merit your undivided attention. The next time your personal cell phone rings at work, make sure it's not your family or an emergency, and let it go to voicemail. You can return the call during lunch, when you need a break, or after work. Set boundaries for yourself, and others will begin to respect them.

  • Plan ahead. Everyone has a part of the job that is their least favorite. Putting it off until the end of the day doesn't make it any less tedious/stressful/unpleasant. It's always tempting to do the easy or fun work first, but then the unpleasant aspect of your job sometimes doesn't get done. You need to plan ahead and prioritize your day based on how important a task is, not how much you're looking forward to doing it.

  • Clean your desk. Organized work environments allow for an organized work day. When your desk is messy and cluttered, it's easier to get distracted or disorganized. Before leaving your desk at night, take the time to organize your paperwork, e-mails and computer files so that you will have a fresh start the next morning.

  • Keep an activity log. Keep track of how long it takes you to do a certain project, and how much time you really do waste on e-mails a day. Keeping this activity log will also help you understand when you're most productive, so you'll know when to take on those important tasks in the future.

  • Discourage talkative coworkers. Almost every office seems to have that one coworker who believes everyone is interested in everything. From tales about children to travel plans to family matters, it's hard to avoid their stories. There are ways you can politely discourage your talkative coworker without hurting any feelings. The important thing to remember is that your time is valuable, and you don't need to spend it all day listening to someone else's stories.

Stay productive during the work day, and focused on the task at hand. Your work performance will improve and hopefully your stress level will go down! Don't let distractions ruin your workday!


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