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Thursday, April 22, 2010

10 Ways to Go Green At Work and Celebrate Earth Day!

This year, we celebrate Earth Day on April 22, 2010. Earth Day allows everyone to become more aware of the environment, and their impact on their surroundings. It's a day to promote awareness and show your appreciation for the earth. It's too easy to be oblivious to your surroundings, this Earth Day be aware of where you are, and how your everyday life affects our Earth.

Tiger Leasing has put together a 10 tips to help you celebrate Earth Day at your office.

  • Turn off the lights! If your office has enough windows, rely on natural light to get you through your day. If the sunshine doesn't reach you at work, make sure to turn the lights off when you leave a room for more than 10 minutes.

  • Put your computer to sleep! Utilize your computer's sleep mode to save energy when you're not at your desk. Set your computer to sleep after 10 minutes of inactivity.

  • Rethink that ink! Do you really need to print off that document? Printing wastes paper, energy and more. If you can get by reading the page online, do it. If you have to print, make sure you're printing on both sides of the paper.

  • Buy recycled office supplies! From paper and pens to DVDs and mouse pads, there is typically an environmentally friendly option when you need new office supplies. Be aware of what you use, and how it affects the environment.

  • Buy in bulk! When possible, combine your orders so that you don't need to make multiple trips to the store. When ordering in bulk, you cut down on the amount of delivery travel and packaging.

  • Recycle! This should go without saying. Recycle what you can. Look for new programs and initiatives to make it worthwhile for your co-workers to recycle as well.

  • Use Fair Trade certified or organic products! Office coffee is a big deal. Some people need that cup of joe to get through the day. Why not invest in Fair Trade Certified or Organic coffee and cut down on the impact you're having on the environment?

  • Reuse those plates! Ditch the paper plates and plastic forks, invest in some reusable utensils and you'll make your lunch breaks a little greener.

  • Go digital! Zip drives are affordable and can cut down on paper and space. Utilize digital file storage and make some room in your office!

  • Grow something green! Once you've cut down on that paper and filing, you'll have room for some plants in your office! They will absorb any air pollution around your desk and brighten up your work space as well!
Earth Day may be a once a year celebration, but respecting the earth should be a full time commitment. You don't have to make any huge life changes to make a difference. Just be more aware of your actions and make the small changes that really add up for the environment!

Happy Earth Day!


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