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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Tiger Leasing and Equipment Vendors

Tiger Leasing is committed to working directly with equipment vendors. We establish strong relationships with equipment salespeople, to help support vendors' sales, as well as to better meet our clients' needs.

Equipment leasing, and Tiger Leasing in particular offer equipment vendors unique benefits. Our resources and experience are an advantage to the equipment vendors we work with. Tiger Leasing provides the following support to equipment vendors:

  • Quick Closings
    Tiger Leasing is able to utilize up to date technology in order to expedite the closing process.

  • Financing Solutions
    Tiger Leasing can provide you with full service financing programs for your customers and potential clients. Through Tiger Leasing, you, the equipment vendor, will be notified immediately when a customer's approval status is returned.

  • Leasing Sales Training
    Our leasing sales training will help you close more business, increase transaction size, and qualify prospects.

  • Business Resources
    You have all of Tiger Leasing's resources at your disposal, including information regarding the benefits of equipment leasing, a monthly payment calculator, and much more.

  • Practiced Management
    At Tiger Leasing, our principals have over 35 years combined experience in assisting equipment salespeople. Our management team has seen ample transactions, and has the experience to help you with your business deals. We work hard to find the information necessary to generate inventive solutions that help turn difficult situations into sales.

  • Customer Sales Assistance
    The professionals at Tiger Leasing are always available to help with customer sales calls and to assist you with important negotiations and business deals.

  • Personalized Service
    Submit your prospect's name and phone number to Tiger Leasing, and let us handle the rest. At Tiger Leasing, we work hard to make an equipment vendor's job easier.

Tiger Leasing has the resources and experience to help equipment vendors do their jobs. We too understand sales and marketing, and work hard to assist the equipment vendors we work with close more sales.


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