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Monday, June 14, 2010

Medical Equipment Leasing

When health care providers need to update their equipment, leasing is an excellent option. Tiger Leasing has created medical leasing packages for doctor's offices, emergency clinics, hospitals, HMO's, and more. Whether you need health care equipment, software, or office furniture, you can find leasing options available. Medical equipment leasing programs can be designed for all the needs health care providers have. Medical equipment leases can be created with personalized financing options to give health care providers even more options for updating their practices.

The health care field is made up of a variety of services and practitioners. Whether you are looking for surgical equipment for a large hospital or optical equipment for a small practitioner, medical equipment leasing has the solution for you. Experienced equipment leasing companies can create innovative medical leasing programs for your health care agency, so you can keep preserve your credit and conserve your cash. Other benefits of looking into medical equipment leasing include tax deductions, upgrade options, flexible payment options and more.

Medical equipment leasing companies like Tiger Leasing offer a variety of financing alternatives to health care providers. Our financing options include: Lease Purchases, Operating Leases and Venture Leases options. Other programs include Deferred, Seasonal, Step-up Step-down payments and Municipal leases. Whether you need financing for $5,000 or $5,000,000, we can provide innovative finance solutions customized to meet your individual needs.

Medical Leasing Finance Solutions:

  • Lease Purchase with $100 Buy Out Option:
    This financing plan allows health care providers to purchase the medical equipment at the end of the lease term, for a nominal amount of $100. For most health care companies that intend to keep their machines at the end of the lease, this is the best option.

  • Operating Lease with Fair Market Value:
    This medical equipment financing structure gives health care companies the option to purchase the equipment at the end of the lease for the fair market value it is worth at that time. This financing option also allows you to continue the lease or return the medical equipment.

  • Venture Leases:
    This is a great option for medical companies that are just starting up. We provide 100% financing. To qualify, you need venture capital backing and enough cash on hand to justify the projections in your business plan.

  • Deferred Payment:
    This program is attractive to health care companies with a project that won't generate revenue for a short period of time. This type of equipment lease is structured so the initial months have nominal or no payments.

Medical equipment leasing is a creative option for health care providers looking to acquire new technology and equipment. Learn more about medical leasing before purchasing new equipment for your practice!


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