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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Achieving a Healthy Work-Life Balance

Many professionals feel the stress of creating a balance between work and their personal lives, especially during the summer months. This month, summer is in full swing for most people, and the crunch of taking care of work and having a fulfilling personal life can begin to take its toll. Between baseball games and cook outs, reports and ongoing projects, new clients and camping trips, achieving a balance can seem overwhelming. Tiger Leasing understands the push and pull of such a balance, and has come up with some tips to help you and your employees or co-workers make the most of these summer months, without neglecting your professional duties.

Tips for Achieving a Work-Life Balance:

  • Keep Track of Your Time - For one week, track everything you do, both in your professional life and your personal activities. Getting a better understanding of how you're truly utilizing your time will help you prioritize what is necessary, and what you can delegate to others.

  • Just Say No - When you're looking to achieve a work-life balance, you need to learn when to say no. When a co-worker asks you to take on an additional campaign, or your neighbor asks you to coach another softball team, remember that it's OK to say no. Prioritize your time and your commitments, so that you have time for the activities you want to do, rather than just those you feel obligated to take on.

  • Let Go - It's impossible to get everything done. When you're trying to manage so many activities and commitments, you need to prioritize, get the important things done, and let go of the rest. Manage your time by prioritizing what you need and want to get done, and let go of everything else.

  • Understand Your Options - Does your company allow any scheduling flexibility? Look into flex hours, compressed work weeks, job sharing, telecommuting and more. Understanding your options and taking control of your schedule will help in achieving a work-life balance.

  • Establish Boundaries - Whether that means leaving work at work or only taking emergency calls at the office, it's important to set up boundaries. Today's technology makes it too easy to be accessible at all times. You need to be mindful of unraveling your professional and personal lives. Quit checking emails when you're having family time. Stop taking personal phone calls while you're in the office.

  • Build a Strong Support System - Let your friends, family and coworkers know you're working on creating a better balance between work and life, and let them know you're going to need their support. At work, create a network of employees that can cover for each other when a family emergency or event comes up. Ask your family members and friends to help out around the house when you need to work some long hours or take a business trip. Having a support system makes it a lot easier to balance your time and take care of your responsibilities.

  • Take Care of You - Eat right, exercise, get enough sleep. Take the time to look after yourself every day. The better you feel, the more productive you'll be. When you're healthy, you have more energy to spend time with your loved ones, and are more productive at work. Don't let the stressors of everyday life weigh on you until you get sick. Take care of yourself so you can make the most of everyday.

Creating a healthy work-life balance isn't an easy task. It will take time and determination. Though not always easy to obtain, a work-life balance is an important part of a healthy and happy life. Take the time to evaluate your current situation, and do what you can to create a stable, satisfying balance between your work and home lives.


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