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Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Upgrade to Get Paid - Government Reimbursements for the Health Care Industry!

Health information technology is an important part of the medical field, but keeping up with innovations in technology can be costly. The United States government will invest more than $19 billion towards updating and revitalizing the health care industry under the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act. Thanks to this bill, medical care providers who install Electronic Health Records Systems can receive large reimbursements from the government. Doctors, hospitals and health systems now have the opportunity to cash in on government incentives by installing an Electronic Health System for the first time or through other health care IT projects and upgrades. Install new equipment, or invest in upgrading current technology to enhance your business without breaking the bank.

Through either Medicare or Medicaid, office-based physicians are eligible to collect incentive payments when implementing Electronic Health Records Systems in their office. These government incentives were creates to reduce health care costs by quickening the adoption of IT systems in health care settings. Patients and health care providers alike will benefit from the use of progressive medical technology.

Tiger Leasing has worked with health care professionals to equip them with the qualified Electronic Health Records Systems they need to improve their business and qualify for these government incentives. Rather than buying the medical equipment needed to upgrade an office, health care providers can lease the equipment. By leasing medical equipment, health care providers can upgrade their technology while conserving their cash. In some cases, acquiring medical equipment, such as EHR systems and other health care IT equipment, medical providers may be eligible for a large reimbursement from the government! Contact the specialists at Tiger Leasing today for more information on medical equipment leasing and government incentives!

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