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Monday, March 21, 2011

Equipment Leasing for Veterinary Care

Veterinarians have the difficult challenge of determining the ailments of patients who can't communicate what hurts and where. To overcome this obstacle and offer effective treatments, veterinarians must rely on their experience and powerful equipment to guide them. However, this high-tech medical equipment can create financial obstacles for any size of veterinary clinic. '

Fortunately, veterinary equipment leasing can serve as a viable alternative for veterinary clinics that lack the necessary funding to purchase the medical equipment upfront. Instead, working capital can be reserved for the day-to-day operating expenses of a veterinary clinic. Overcoming budget restrictions by leasing veterinary equipment can provide veterinarians with the opportunity to purchase higher quality additional veterinary equipment that will further improve the quality of care offered by a clinic.

In addition, veterinarians who regard supplementary or updated equipment as investments rather than expenses can boost their bottom line without a hefty initial cash investment. For example, the purchase of a $6,000 ultrasonic cleaning system means a veterinary clinic could expand its offerings to include high quality dental care. If the clinic charges $300 for a dental care appointment and performs one procedure a week, the veterinary equipment would pay for itself within 6 months. From then on, the animal clinic would reap the profits. Similarly, upgraded equipment may improve the efficiency of office visits, which results in labor cost savings and less stressful office visits for both animals and their owners.

Finally, animal hospitals and vet clinics that choose to lease veterinary equipment will eliminate equipment obsolescence. Purchasing veterinary equipment upfront or by borrowing from a bank means that some clinics may be obligated to utilize equipment even after it becomes outdated. However, animal hospitals that lease veterinary equipment are free to upgrade at the end of the lease term.

When deciding to take advantage of the opportunities new veterinary equipment presents, choose your equipment leasing company wisely. Select a veterinary equipment leasing company based on:

  • Flexibility: What kind of veterinary equipment leasing programs are offered? Does the equipment leasing company feature financing solutions that will meet your needs?

  • Financing: Does the leasing company provide 100% financing? Some leases allow costs such as shipping, software, training and installation to be included in the lease agreement. This means your clinic won't be required to cover these costs out of pocket.

  • Credibility: Does the equipment leasing firm boast a record of success? Find out the sentiments of past clients to determine the likelihood of your complete satisfaction.
Though operating an animal clinic can be challenging, veterinary equipment leasing options can ease some of the financial stressors veterinarians face, so they can concentrate on the treatment of their patients.

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