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Friday, April 8, 2011

Achieve Better Balance between Your Work Life and Personal Life

Being dedicated to your job is a good thing. However, letting your work life overrun your personal life can elevate stress to dangerous levels both at home and at work. Avoid the burnout that results from being overworked by reclaiming your personal life.

Improve your time management skills

Track where you spend your time and determine if any of your daily activities can be cut or delegated without major negative implications. Seek more efficient ways of completing projects; however don't fill newfound free time by taking on more responsibilities. Instead, work some down time into your schedule and make following this plan a priority.

Leave work at work

Technology has made it all-too-easy to bring your work with you anywhere you go - as long as there is an internet connection or cell reception. Smartphones, wireless computers and media clouds give many professionals unbridled access to work files, client contacts and many other work-essential tools. However, if these devices constantly distract you from after-work activities, turn them off. If it's too difficult to part completely, designate times during the evening when you're allowed to check emails or listen to voicemails.

Take Care of Yourself

Though maintaining a healthy lifestyle is vital for optimum performance, it seems to be one of the first good habits to fall by the wayside when work schedules become jam-packed. Resist the urge to develop unhealthy routines and commit to:
  • Eating healthy and exercising

  • Getting adequate sleep

  • Practicing stress-reducing activities such as yoga or reading

  • Making time for social activities

  • Work to stay positive

Know when to ask for help

Whether you need to ask a coworker to lighten your workload or a friend to fill-in for you on a volunteer project, enlist the help of your support system when your responsibilities are too much to bear. As long as you're appreciative and willing to return the favor later on, you'll likely find someone to help you out. If you can't seem to make the adjustments necessary to balance your work life and personal life, don't be afraid to seek the help of an outside source like a counselor or organizational specialist.

When it comes to work, the old adage rings true: "everything in moderation." Rather than letting your office life overtake your personal life, seek to establish a comfortable balance that appeases both your penchant for hard work and your innate need to socialize.


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