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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Dental Equipment Leasing Presents Opportunities

Technological advancements are made in rapid succession, especially in the medical and dental fields. To remain reputable and competitive within their fields, dental offices must continue to offer patients medically advanced procedures using state-of-the-art equipment. Leasing dental equipment is a viable option with many benefits.

Unlike purchasing or obtaining a traditional bank loan to secure new equipment, dental equipment leasing allows you to eliminate equipment obsolescence. With a traditional bank loan, after your dental office pays off the equipment - it's your property. Unfortunately, this equipment might be considered out-of-date even before the last payment has been made. However, those investing in new and upgraded dental technology by way of medical equipment leasing can choose from several leasing programs, including equipment ownership, at the conclusion of their lease terms. These options ensure dental offices aren't left behind as dental technology forges ahead, but also offers feasible finance solutions.

An additional benefit of dental equipment leasing is the option of financing not only the cost of the equipment, but the accompanying soft costs as well. These might include shipping, required software and installation. The cost of training office staff to use the equipment can also be included in the leasing agreement, which can be a substantial relief for dental professionals.
Leasing options for dental offices are available for a myriad of essential pieces of equipment including:

  • Dental Chairs and Examining Room Equipment

  • Dental X-Ray Machines

  • Lab Equipment for Dentistry

  • Office Storage and Cabinetry
Take advantage of the opportunities emerging dental equipment technology can offer your practice. Be cognizant of the financing options available when it's time to upgrade or buy equipment. Doing so will ensure your office stays competitive while offering state of the art patient care.


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