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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

10 Tip Top Business Travel Tips

Forget that weekend family trip to the beach because you just got called in for a business meeting on the other side of the country. Business travel is no trip to the beach, especially when hopping on a plane was not what you had on the books. We have compiled a list of 10 business travel tips that will hopefully make your next corporate trip less stressful, whether it is planned or unplanned, across state lines or country lines.

  1. Pack Lightly: It's amazing how much stress and money this tip can save you. Check what the airline's dimensions for carry-on bags are and if you can, fit everything into a carry-on. This saves you time at baggage check, so you don't have to worry about being late. Find a bag with shoulder straps and a handle for easy transport. Checked baggage fees can add up fast, save time and your travel budget by using carry on only whenever possible!

  2. Double the Wallet Size: Invest in a purse or wallet that is big enough to hold your cash, cards, passport, and boarding pass. This ensures organization and efficiency!

  3. Go Archaic: This may seem ancient, but put a notepad and pencil in your laptop case. You will be thankful when your battery runs out at the most inconvenient time.

  4. Have a Back-Up Plan: You don't always know what kind of technology will be available to you before you take off. Bring a few USB hard disk drives with backups of your presentation, your laptop will not always successfully hook up to the projector. Your idea of a tech-friendly conference room may differ from that of your hosts!

  5. Don't be Afraid to Ask: Ask for a specific seat on the plane when checking in. Being closer to the bathroom or farther away from that family of seven going on vacation might make or break your travel enjoyment. Some Check-In Kiosks let you specify your preferred seat as well!

  6. Be Smart About Time: Especially if you are traveling to a different country, be aware of the time change. Beat the jet lag on the plane by falling asleep or forcing your eyelids to stay open, so you are not as tired when you need to be productive on the ground.

  7. Be Loyal: In the long run, it might save you or your company money if you stick to one airline. Explore the perks of loyalty with frequent flier miles or discounts. Also, explore various options for booking hotels at cheaper prices.

  8. Maintain your Temper: If the check-in agent says you've missed the 30-minute cut off, don't lose your temper. Instead, they will probably be willing to provide a gate pass if you ask politely, and a gate person should be able to get you on board. Kindness and patience will pay off!

  9. Pack for the Beach: It might not be a bad idea to pack a swimsuit and flip flops, if you have room in your bag. Unwinding with a dip in the pool or hot tub can make business trips a little more pleasant.

  10. Represent: Most importantly, represent your country, state, or business well. Even if you've had a rough, tiring flight, be polite and courteous. Someone is always paying attention.

Use these business travel tips and you will be more prepared and more productive on your next business trip. Happy traveling!


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Monday, August 22, 2011

Miles and Miles of Smiles - Dental Equipment Leasing Solutions

The grinding sound of the drill or the image of "the needle" makes many reluctant dentist-goers shiver with fear. One of the most important goals of dentist offices is to make clients feel comfortable and safe, rather than bringing to life their worst nightmares. Dentists should be able to focus solely on their clients, without having to worry about acquiring the dental equipment necessary to run a successful practice. Many dentists find that equipment leasing allows them to do just that, whether they are opening a new practice or upgrading an existing one. Dental equipment leasing provides benefits on all different levels, including your budget and your patients' love-hate relationship with the dentist chair.

The first thing dental patients see when entering a dental practice is the waiting room. This sight can predetermine whether they have a relaxing or stress-filled experience in your office. Leasing classy, comfortable waiting room and office furniture is easy and affordable and will provide a sense of comfort to your uneasy patient. Even patient's who aren't scared of visiting your office will appreciate your effort to provide them with a peaceful wait.

You want your patients to be comfortable, but you also want them to walk away with a great smile. Updating to state of the art dental technology, including dental lab equipment, is a breeze with equipment leasing. You won't have to worry about recovering from the debt created by purchasing expensive equipment in time for the next update. As a bonus, you will see your practice's reputation benefit when you care for your patient's teeth with the best, most up to date technology available.

Make sure you take the time to find the right dental equipment leasing plan that will work in sync with your practice and your budget. To give you an idea of how convenient leasing dental equipment is, here are a few leasing plans offered by Tiger Leasing:

  • Lease Purchase: This dental equipment leasing plan allows you to buy the equipment at the end of the lease term for $100.
  • Operating Lease: This program gives you the options of purchasing the equipment at the end of the lease for its current Fair Market Value, continuing the lease, or returning the equipment.
  • Start-Up and Venture Leases: For start-up dental practices, Tiger Leasing offers various 100% dental equipment financing options.

If you want to make your dental practice a more comfortable place for both your patients and your budget, check out how equipment leasing can meet your dental equipment needs.

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Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Boosting Employee Morale

In the not so distant past, few people would have believed that particular jobs could be done by robots. With changing technologies and improvements to machinery and equipment, machines and computers can now do the work that required specialized human labor just two decades ago. As the job landscape changes, employees and bosses are evolving as well. Business leaders do not have to worry about the morale of a machine. However, when real employees are treated as if they were robots, the company suffers. Many business leaders today have a one-track mind, focused on success and profits. They might think they have done everything they can to bring the company to the top of the food chain and are perplexed when the numbers don't come out the way they want them to. If you are in that position, take a step back and look around at who you're treating as "robots," employee morale might be the problem.

Employee morale can make or break the success of your company. Are you focusing on the right issues? Are you committed to keeping your employees happy?

Your Employees Are Real People

It may sound too simple to be true, but the first step in boosting employee morale is to treat your employees with respect. Real respect, not just "keep up the good work" respect. Do not ignore your employees, do not swear or yell at them, especially in front of co-workers. Do not send them a to-do list without showing appreciation. Instead, get to know them. Ask about their family and their hobbies. Recognize birthdays and all other significant milestones, such as anniversaries, weddings, births, or even the completion of a marathon. Show them true appreciation with a card, gift certificate, or even a simple face-to-face thank you and handshake, or public recognition. Employees will be more productive when they feel appreciated, respected, and unique.

Take Breaks, During Office Hours

Corporate picnics are stereotypically every employee's worst nightmare. Although employee bonding is essential, encourage it during office hours, rather than interfering with personal and family time on the weekend. Promote short breaks that include walking around the block or just getting fresh air. It may be cheesy, but set aside time to celebrate birthdays or other events with cake. To avoid the deficit of a costly corporate getaway, rent the go-kart track on a Friday, as if it were a fifth grade field trip. These breaks will not only rejuvenate employee productivity and improve communication within the office; it will show that you know your employees are not robots.

Provide Resources

Since many businesses rely on technology, keep your employees trained and informed on the latest innovations and techniques. Pay tuition for a training course at a local university or send them to conferences. This will show that they are an important asset to the company and will also keep your business ahead of the game. Providing resources can also be as simple as leaving the office door open for questions or concerns or scheduling regular team meetings.

Employee morale falters when an employee is replaced by a machine, but it is even worse when they are treated like one. The driving force behind a company's success is the accomplishments of the employees. When employee morale is low, your company will struggle to reach the top. Make your employees feel important, give them higher responsibilities, and develop them into great leaders. Provide a comfortable atmosphere of camaraderie and communication and your company will go much farther than it would if it employed just robots.

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