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Thursday, September 15, 2011

How to Ensure a Safe Workplace for your Employees

When we think about success in the workplace, we tend to grovel over the great leadership of the managers and the near-flawless dedication of the employees. These are both invaluable aspects to a business, but there is one not-so-obvious ingredient to success: safety. Workplace safety is essential to businesses all over the spectrum; whether it is a construction firm, a hospital, or an office. A construction company is not going to be productive if its employees are always falling or becoming injured by machines and offices will not rake in profits if there is hostility or harassment among the employees. There are countless steps one can take to ensure a safe workplace, no matter the setting.

Abide by the Law
The most obvious precaution to take-one that is not even an option-is to abide by the federal and state laws regarding safety. You should already have these implicated if you are up and running, but for new business, there is a lot to take in. The US Department of Labor provides a Small Business Handbook that will guide you through how to meet the legal requirements of the Occupational Safety and Health Act of 1970. This handbook will explain everything from exit doors to electrical safety to injury and illness records.

Lead to Protect
Employers should utilize their leadership skills to make sure every employee is aware of what to do in any situation that might arise. Holding monthly meetings to review safety precautions is a great way to refresh employees' knowledge of each plan, update them on any changes, and address any concerns they might have. It is never a bad idea to display a poster of workplace guidelines and maps and procedures in case of a fire, tornado, flood, etc.

Foster Proactive Employees
One of the most dangerous threats to workplace safety can be conflict among employees. Harassment, threats, disputes, or suspicious behavior could be happening right under your nose, but out of sight. Promote your employees to report anything they might see or overhear to you or another supervisor immediately. Make sure someone is always available to help. Also, be sure your employees have an easy way to contact police, fire, and other safety and security officials in case of emergency.

Improving the safety of your workplace not only prevents harm and potentially dangerous threats, it ensures your employees that you care about their safety and well-being. To implement precautions from the beginning, offer seminars and training sessions that review each plan and discuss your business' policies of mutual respect and dignity. A knowledgeable, safe, and happy team of employees will help boost the success of your business!


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