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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Leasing Office Furniture: Keeping it Inexpensive and Stylish

Simply put, shopping for office furniture can be a drag. First, you have to decide what style you want your furniture to reflect. Once you narrow it down, you search for the most stylish, comfortable and inviting pieces you can find. However, with every upgrade, the price seems to triple before your eyes! There is a simple solution to this problem that will allow you to choose furniture that fits your business' style with the simple click of a mouse, at a price you can afford.

Leasing office furniture will ensure that you find a payment plan that fits perfectly with your budget while still offering you a plethora of styles to choose from. Whether you are going for a modern, eccentric, sustainable or sophisticated look, you can lease the perfect office furnishings, from your bookcase to your paper shredder. Here is a glimpse at what else you can lease for your office setting:

Desks & ChairsOrganizational FurnishingsClient Seating
Filing CabinetsComputers & MonitorsWork Tables
Wall WhiteboardsBulletin BoardsOffice Decorations
Computer AccessoriesLightingProjectors
Scanners, PrintersPaper ShreddersOutdoor Furniture
First Aid KitWastebasketsTeam Area Supplies

When trying to keep your office stylish, but practical, you need to keep colors and design in mind. If your business facilitates a nonstop, stressful work environment, softer shades will provide a relaxing aura while boosting concentration. If your workplace needs a little more zing, bright colors will energize your employees and get their creative juices flowing. The design of your office furniture should fit the needs of your employees and clientele. Keep posture and back problems in mind when choosing chairs and desks. You also need to account for space and mobility.

Now that you have figured out what chairs are going to go in your reception area, what decorations will be hung on the walls and what color your carpet and ceiling will be, you might wonder, "how is this going to fit into my budget?" To give you an idea of the flexibility of furniture leasing, here are a few leasing solutions offered by Tiger Leasing:

  1. Lease Purchase with $100 Buy Out: This plan allows you to purchase furniture at the end of the lease term, for a nominal fee of $100.
  2. Operating Lease with Fair Market Value: You have the option to purchase at the end of the lease for its fair market value, continue the lease or return the furniture. The payments are lower, but the cost at the end is higher.
  3. Venture Leases: For start-up companies, we provide 100% financing If you have venture capital backing and justification of your business projections.
  4. Deferred Payment: The initial months of this lease have nominal or no payments.
  5. Seasonal Payment: This lease can be designed so payments in one season are lower than payments in another.

Whether you have an empty room or an office in desperate need of renovation, you can find the style and payment plan perfect for your business through furniture leasing. There is no need for the headache of driving store to store, crunching ridiculous prices. With a few simple clicks of the mouse, your office will be transformed!

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