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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Commercial Equipment Leasing Process at Tiger Leasing

Interested in equipment leasing? Wondering what to expect before you start the process? Tiger Leasing has the commercial equipment leasing process down to a science! At Tiger Leasing, our standard 5 step process looks like this:

  1. Potential clients fill out a simple, one-page lease application. (Sometimes, we may request other financial information, like tax returns or financial statements).
  2. Credit information is reviewed by the Tiger Leasing team. For more information on how we utilize credit scores when reviewing your application, please read: Credit Scores and the Lease Approval Process.
  3. Lease documents are prepared and sent to you for signing upon approval.
  4. A purchase order is issued to the equipment vendor.
  5. Once the equipment is delivered and accepted, it is paid for and the lease begins.

As an independent commercial equipment leasing company, Tiger Leasing is dedicated to providing customized leasing programs that meet the needs of growing companies. While our commercial equipment leasing process may differ from other companies in the industry, we're committed to making it as easy and straightforward as possible. Acquiring the commercial equipment your company needs shouldn't be a pain. Contact the experienced staff at Tiger Leasing today for more information and to get started!

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Thursday, October 20, 2011

2011 Holiday Business Ideas - Plan Ahead!

Though the holidays may be a few months out, it's never too early to start planning for the busy shopping season. Get your business ready for the holiday rush now, and reap the rewards later.

According to MasterCard SpendingPulse, in 2010 $584.3 billion was spent in pre-Christmas sales. In the months before Christmas 2010, retail spending increased 5.5%. The possibilities for businesses to capitalize on this yearly spending hike seem endless. Businesses can't put off their holiday marketing until the last minute, starting early is essential to success. Some tips for making the most of the 2011 holiday season include:

  • Publicize your Holiday Shopping hours. Even if you aren't changing them in the coming months, letting people know when you're open will help them remember to stop at your business!
  • Offer packages and specials for the holiday season. Bundling services or products doesn't have to cost you more as a business, but the idea of a package can be attractive to gift-givers!
  • Network in the community. Take part in holiday events or sponsor teams to get your brand's name out there.
  • Have holiday gift cards available early. Perfect for everything from hostess gifts to stocking stuffers, gift cards can make you money year round! Capitalize on the trends of the season by offering specific holiday themed cards and envelopes.
  • Look for opportunities to donate. By donating your services or products, you'll be generating some feel-good marketing and get your brand name out in the community, associated with a great cause!
  • Send out branded gifts. From pens with your logo to baked goodies in your packaging, this is a great way to entice existing customers back to your store or bring new customers in!
  • Get your Website ready. Make sure your online storefront or Website is ready for the holiday rush as well. Test out your shopping cart and make sure all of your contact information is up to date. Shoppers use the Internet for research and purchasing; make sure your Website is ready for the holidays too!
  • Consider email marketing, to remind your customer list of your holiday products and specials. Don't spam them, keep it short and sweet. Consider including a coupon code or special offer to really tempt them!
  • Prepare your sales staff and customer support team. Whether you have to hire some additional seasonal help or just brush everyone up on the basics, make sure your employees are ready for the seasonal rush!

Your competitors are already preparing for the 2011 holiday season. Take control of your business by being prepared and planning ahead. Don't let the crazy schedules and frantic nature of the season take over. Make the most of your business and cash in on the holiday shopping madness! What are your goals for the upcoming months? How are you preparing for the madness?


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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Breast Cancer Awareness Month - Team Building Activities for a Cause

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in honor of this, Tiger Leasing would like to call attention to this worthy cause. Use this opportunity to give back to your community with your co-workers and employees. Educate yourself and others on breast cancer and make the most of this October.

According to, 12% of women in the US will develop invasive breast cancer at some point in their lives. That's 1 in 8 American women. Less prevalent in men, breast cancer does still afflict the male gender. It was predicted that roughly 1,970 new cases of invasive breast cancer would be diagnosed in men in 2010. Though gender and age are common risk factors, breast cancer is a disease that affects us all.

Chances are, at least one of the people you work side by side with have been affected by breast cancer. Whether they personally battled the disease or know someone who has, the prevalence of breast cancer is undeniable. Tiger Leasing has put together some ideas for how you can show your support during Breast Cancer Awareness Month:

  • Sign up for a local Race for the Cure or Relay for Life with your co-workers and their families.
  • Distribute information and news about the disease; the more informed we all are, the easier it is to fight the disease.

  • Organize a Bake Sale for the office, donating proceeds to a charity benefiting breast cancer awareness.
  • Declare a Pink Day, and ask your teammates and employees to wear something pink. Make sure they have the information they need to raise awareness when others ask about their bright apparel!
  • Put together a benefit potluck for lunch. Ask everyone to bring a dish and accept donations to benefit breast cancer research. This could get the discussion started; you may discover even more ways your team can work together to raise awareness for Breast Cancer Awareness Month and beyond.
  • Write an article for your corporate newsletter or Blog. Get the facts and share the information on a wider scale with your whole company!
  • Hold a raffle, with all proceeds benefiting breast cancer research and awareness.
  • Supply your office with pink ribbons, so people can wear their support day in and day out.

Though October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, there are many opportunities for you to raise awareness and show your support throughout the year. Make a point to show your concern and appreciation by taking the time to take a stand. Whatever issues are closest to your heart, give back to your employees, co-workers and community by organizing office events that bring people together for a good cause.

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