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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Social Media for your Brand

Social media is more popular today than ever before, and it is becoming an important element for businesses to have. It might seem like Websites such as LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook and Blogs are solely for personal use, but there are many benefits in having businesses create social media profiles as well. It allows businesses to get their name out there and connect with customers, and potential customers. Social media use among brands is on the rise, so it is important to understand the benefits of creating and actively maintaining social sites for your business:

Create and control your own presence
It is important to create social media accounts, such as Facebook and Twitter pages, for your company sooner rather than later. By doing this, you eliminate the chance that somebody else out there will create one for your business. It might seem nice to have somebody else create your page for you, but when you start seeing posts that include false information or negative stereotypes about your business, you have no control over what gets posted. After creating your business’s page(s), it is also important to have frequent and relevant posts about your business so your readers know that your page is valid and interactive.

Spreading your name via chain reaction
Being a business on a social media site is a great way to spread your brand's name and message. It is very common for consumers to like or follow what their friends do. For example, if Mary sees that her friend Sara recently liked your brand on Facebook, it is likely Mary will click on the page to see what it is and possibly even like it herself.

Another example could be Bob retweets (or re-posts) a message from your company and his friend Mike sees his retweet and then he decides to retweet it as well. Mike’s friend John sees Mike’s retweet and he, too, decides to retweet the post.

The power of “likes” and “retweets” are very beneficial for businesses. It allows people who have maybe never heard of your business before to learn about you from their friends and followers, taking word of mouth advertising to a whole other level.

Increasing search rankings
It might seem hard to believe, but often social media sites such as Blogger, Facebook and Twitter are what show up first when using search engines to find a business or an individual. Getting your business connected with even just one social media site will make it that much easier for people to find you when utilizing search engines.

Direct communication with your consumers
This is an obvious statement, but it is necessary: social media Websites are a great way to socialize. Each social media platform has its own unique way of facilitating communication. Comments on blogs, retweets or replies on Twitter, and likes and comments on Facebook are all examples of the methods of interaction available through social media. A business being able to have direct communication with their customers is vital in order to build trust, because a consumer will appreciate that personal touch.

Keeping your consumers updated
Social media sites are great ways for businesses to keep their consumers updated about news, promotions, and everything else they find relevant. It is literally as easy as a click for businesses to let their customers know what is going on and makes their customer feel happier and more connected.

Consider these points when thinking about how to get your business’s name out there. Discover the ways social media can benefit your brand, and make the commitment to create an ongoing and interactive social media presence!


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Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Advantages of Leasing your Business Equipment

When looking to invest in business equipment, some people don’t realize that there are options other than buying. As your business grows, so will your need for newer and better equipment, which is why leasing is a great alternative to buying. Leasing allows flexibility, financing plans that won’t destroy your credit, and even tax deductions in some cases. Here’s why business equipment leasing is a great idea for you and your business:

Why pay for more than you use?

With leasing companies, the only thing you will have to pay right away is the first and last rental payment, and after that it is as simple as monthly payments. Ownership can be very expensive, with equipment leasing; your equipment will pay for itself with use.

Leasing also allows for businesses to stay up to date with new and improved equipment and technology. Since leasing equipment is not a permanent investment like buying is - leasers can choose to upgrade to newer and better equipment.

If you decide you want to keep your equipment, many leasing companies offer a Lease Purchase program, which allows you to buy the leased equipment at the end of the lease term.


Leasing companies offer flexibility that banks can’t. We will work with you to create an individualized lease arrangement, such as no payments for 90 days, to get set up. Leasing companies understand it takes a little time to get everything up and running, and we offer you the flexibility to customize a program that works for you.

In addition to the Lease Purchase option, there are several other leasing program options that banks can’t match, such as deferred payment, seasonal payments, municipal leases and more.

Avoid unnecessary loans

When looking for loans, banks often advise small business owners to take out a home equity loan for the purchase of their business equipment, which is a bad idea. It doesn’t make sense that you would take out the same loan for a piece of business equipment as you would for a home, because a home is much longer term. With leasing, you avoid confusing loan processes.

Financial Benefits

With business equipment leasing, your cash is not tied up in loans or equipment. This means that you have more money available for other business opportunities such as advertising or marketing. This extra money could be what your business needs to get your name out there and put that equipment to use.

Leasing companies will give you 100% financing. In addition, if you lease from a reputable company you can get 100% financing for not only the cost of your equipment, but also for labor, installation and training.

To top it all off, leasing can lead to a variety of tax benefits. While loan payments are not tax deductible, lease payments may be fully deductible as an operational expense.

Business equipment leasing provides a many benefits to businesses looking to acquire new business equipment. When you're interested in learning more, contact the experienced leasing professionals at Tiger Leasing for more information on how our equipment leasing programs can help your business.

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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Balancing Work and the Holidays

Balancing work and your personal life can be a struggle throughout the year. But when you add the holidays to the mix, things can get very stressful. Here are some pointers to help get you through the holiday season:

Plan Ahead

Keep in mind that most people in the office will want at least one day off between November 24 and January 2, and not everybody can have it. This is why it is important to ask for the day(s) you want off in advance. Waiting the holidays are right around the corner is probably not the best idea, especially if you and your family have already made travel plans.

Leave Your Job at the Office

The holidays are stressful enough as is, so bringing work home with you isn't a good idea. Home is your place to not think about work and just enjoy the company of family and friends. Bringing your irritations home from work is a sure way to interfere with your holiday fun, so leave your work at work.

Know When Enough is Enough

When it comes to holiday preparation, many of us feel the need to go above and beyond, which leads to spending time and money to make sure everything is perfect. The solution? Don't. The holidays are a time to be with your loved ones and enjoy eachother's company. Something like a nice, simple meal is perfect because it is a great way to catch up with everyone.

Call For Backup

Nobody is Superman, so don't be afraid to ask for help. Ask your spouse or kids to help out with chores around the house so if you do need to stay at the office for an extra hour, it is one less thing you have to do when you get home. Spreading out the workload is a good way to make sure things between work and home do not get too stressful. Just remember, a simple, "Thank you," is always much appreciated.

The holidays aren't meant to be a stressful time, so be sure to keep these pointers in mind and enjoy the upcoming holiday season at home and at work!

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