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Thursday, December 8, 2011

How to Make Your Business Stand Out During the Holidays

As the holidays draw near, businesses should be thinking about what they can do to incorporate the holiday season in to their business strategy. There are many fun and easy ways that businesses can put themselves above the competition during this busy time, so check out these tips:

Give your online appearances a holiday makeover

Adding a seasonal touch to your company's Website, Blog or social media accounts is a good way to attract customers and let them know that your company is up to date with the changing season. On Websites and Blogs you can add a festive banner, on Facebook you can change your thumbnail picture, and on Twitter you can create a seasonal skin that can also incorporate your business's logo.

Your business can also take advantage of writing holiday related content for your online platforms. On your social media Websites, give your customer daily holiday tips, such as advice about holiday traveling, or information about your holiday sales. You may want to consider putting together a YouTube video to get the word out about holiday promotions, or simply create a festive video to relate to visitors and give your online brand a personal touch.

Hand write holiday cards to clients

In today's digital world, receiving anything handwritten in the mail is a rarity. Show your clients you appreciate their business by hand writing them a holiday card. Simply thanking clients conveys to them their importance and that you care enough about them to personally recognize them. In this case, a little thing, such as a handwritten card, goes a long way.

Tis the season to give back

The holidays are your business's opportunity to give back to your customers and show you appreciate their business. One of the ways that you can do this is to mail out or post coupons online for a holiday discount on your business's items or services. Coupons keep customers coming back, but they are also a good way to show you appreciate having them as a customer.

Another way to give back to your customers during the holidays is to offer free shipping. Everybody loves free shipping, regardless of what kind of product your business offers. Advertising free shipping is a great way to bring holiday customers in and inspire them to choose from what you have to offer.

The holidays are a great time for your business to take the extra measures to stand out from the crowd of competitors. The most successful companies are those that are willing to put themselves out there and try something new, rather than simply falling in line with the rest of the pack, so keep these tips in mind this holiday season!


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