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Monday, January 23, 2012

Veterinary Equipment Leasing

The veterinary and animal medicine field is changing at a rapid pace. These technical and medical developments make it all the more important for veterinarians to have updated equipment. Buying equipment puts financial limits on what some vet practitioners can afford, but fortunately leasing equipment allows for upgrades while at the same time conserving cash flow and other working capital. Keeping updated equipment in your veterinary office is important in setting your business apart from others in your area. Tiger Leasing helps create leasing solutions that will work specifically for your veterinary business. Determine the needs of your office, and you'll probably discover convenient, budget friendly veterinary equipment leasing options.

Tiger's veterinary leasing covers a wide range of equipment, from office furniture to medical supplies.

  • Veterinary Medical Supplies
  • Furniture Reconditioning and Refurbishing
  • Veterinary Ultrasound Equipment
  • Office Furniture and Bookshelves
  • Veterinary Dental Equipment
  • Computer Hardware and Software Solutions
  • Printers, Copiers, Fax Machines and Scanners
  • Veterinary X Ray Equipment
  • Conference Room Furniture and Workstations
  • Managed Data Storage
  • Veterinary Surgical Supplies
  • Waiting Room and Lobby Furniture
  • Office Design and Space Planning
  • Network Security

Leasing veterinary equipment allows animal medicine professionals to obtain the veterinary equipment they need while avoiding the permanence of purchasing. Leasing gives you the flexibility to pay for only what you use, as well as the option for a buy out at the end of your leasing agreement. There are many different leasing options available, to benefit your veterinary practice.

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