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Monday, March 26, 2012

Leasing Hospital Equipment

Hospital equipment is not something you want to become outdated, because there are many lives that depend on your machines and technology every day. Our innovative medical leasing programs include a wide range of health care equipment and software. With our flexible medical leasing options, we will meet all of your medical equipment and software needs.

Medical facilities depend on their equipment and technology to function and best serve patients- what good is a hospital without the latest equipment? Purchasing equipment is a huge investment, it ties up money and it leaves the purchaser stuck with that equipment for years. In order for hospitals to keep their edge and provide top health care to their patients, they need to frequently update their equipment. Medical equipment leasing gives health centers and hospitals the freedom to do just that. Be sure to check out all of Tiger's different leasing options to suit your hospital's needs.

Growing facilities may want to consider leasing their medical equipment to update the following areas:

  • Laser Medical Equipment
  • Plastic Surgery Equipment
  • Dermatology Equipment
  • Cardiology and Pulmonary Equipment
  • Ob-Gyn Equipment
  • Radiology Equipment
  • Anesthesia Equipment
  • Rehab and Chiropractic Equipment

In addition to medical equipment, you can make your patients and staff more comfortable with these options:

  • Office Furniture
  • Work Stations
  • Reception Area Equipment
  • Waiting Room Seating

Finally, keep up with the latest computer technology in these areas:

  • Computer Equipment and Software
  • Network Security and Data Storage

In addition to meeting your medical equipment needs, we also meet your financial needs. Finding the right leasing plan for your doctor's office, HMO, emergency clinic or hospital can help you overcome budget limitations. Your extra cash can be used for marketing, staffing or outreach programs instead of tying it up in purchased equipment.

At Tiger Leasing, we go beyond simply leasing equipment. We ensure that our customers have the equipment necessary to be successful. Our principals have over 35 years of combined experience in the leasing industry, so we have the experience to get the job done. Contact Tiger Leasing today for more information on your medical equipment leasing needs.

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