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Monday, May 7, 2012

Why Lease Your Office Equipment?

As covered in a previous blog post, there many advantages to leasing your business equipment, including increased financial flexibility and keeping your business’ equipment as up to date as possible. When businesses are aware of the advantages of leasing, one thing that might not be clear is what equipment is available to lease. Usually people know about big leasing items like hospital and dental equipment, but did you know you can lease office equipment including desks and storage, too?

First impressions are important. When you first walk in a business, the first visible space is the reception area. Be sure your office’s reception area is equipped with stylish furniture that will warmly welcome guests to your business, not turn them away. If people need to wait, be sure your office has a comfortable seating area with arm chairs and sofas. When you lease office furniture, you can get new furniture after your term is up which means your furniture will never sag!

If your business is quickly growing, that means your technology needs room to grow, too. Buying computers and software is a restricting investment that ties your business and its funds down until new systems can be purchased. With leasing, there are no long term commitments or restrictions because you have the option to upgrade at the end of your leasing period. This is a huge advantage in these times of rapidly changing technology because having the latest and greatest technology can give your business the competitive edge needed to succeed.

From furniture and software to seating and workstations, there are numerous leasing options, with a variety of office equipment available for lease. Tiger Leasing offers several different leasing program options to suit your business’ needs, so consider leasing the next time your business needs to update its equipment!

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