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Friday, July 27, 2012

The Importance of Having Enough Equipment

An essential part of running a successful business is being prepared. This can have a different meaning to different businesses, but overall one of the easiest ways to be prepared is to ensure your business has enough of the equipment is needs to run smoothly. Running your business without enough equipment can be costly in more ways than one.

One of the basic reasons it is necessary to have enough equipment on hand is simple: equipment breaks. There is never a good time for equipment to break, but for some reason it usually ends up breaking at the worst possible time. Maybe you own a restaurant and the oven breaks during a dinner rush, or maybe your office’s printer is on the fritz just as your reports finish printing.

When you prepare for the worst possible outcome by having additional equipment, you are also taking an extra step towards ensuring customer satisfaction. For example, if the oven in your restaurant broke during the dinner rush and you didn’t have a replacement, would you expect your customers to wait around? Probably not. It is no loss for a customer to go and find another restaurant; however it is a major loss for your restaurant to let paying customers walk out the door. Imagine that your most vital piece of equipment broke. Your competitors would be there to sweep up your unsatisfied customers and potentially keep their business forever.

Extra equipment is necessary to have, but it is also important for your business to know what it can afford. It is not necessary to have spares of equipment that is used sparingly, but heavy use of everyday equipment creates wear and tear, so is a good idea to prepare for the worst and have a backup. While extra equipment will cost more, your business’ increased productivity from having more equipment and customers will quickly pay back the added cost.

When it comes to having extra equipment, leasing trumps buying. Leasing your equipment gives you and your business the flexibility it needs to continuously change and upgrade its commercial equipment as needed. You might find that you don’t need some of the spare equipment you leased and that’s not a problem because when your lease is up, you have no further obligation to that equipment. Or maybe when your lease is up, you decide you want to keep your equipment which you can do with Tiger Leasing’s $100 buy-out option. Tiger’s variety of leasing programs will create a customized financing solution to suit your business’ needs and keep your company prepared and well-stocked with the equipment necessary to do business better.


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