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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

A Month of Family Fun

August isn't just the last official month of summer- it's National Family Fun month! Before the kids go back to school you'll want to spend as much time together as possible, but do you ever have a hard time thinking of fun things you can all do together? There are 31 days in August, so use this list of 31 fun activities for you and your family to do together during Family Fun month!

1. Visit an amusement park
2. Go for a bike ride
3. Have a family game night
4. Spend a day at your county's fair
5. Go to a movie
6. Visit a local museum
7. Take a trip to your city's pool
8. Have a tie-dye party
9. Take a road trip to visit relatives
10. Look at old family photo albums together
11. Fly kites on a windy day
12. Bake cookies together
13. Go mini golfing
14. Have family dinner nights where each family member gets one night to pick their favorite dinner and everyone has to help make it
15. Divide your family members into teams and have a city wide scavenger hunt
16. Go hiking for the day - Don't forget to pack a picnic!
17. Have a family movie night
18. Make pinecone bird feeders to put in the garden
19. Go to a farmer's market
20. Visit the beach
21. Create a sidewalk chalk art gallery
22. Have a water balloon fight
23. Go camping in your back yard
24. See a movie at an outdoor theater
25. Spend a day volunteering together
26. Visit the library
27. Go bowling
28. Plant a tree for your family to take a photo in front of every year
29. Have each family member make a stepping stone for the garden and date it... it's a great keepsake for when your kids are older!
30. Have a family reunion and cook out
31. Make homemade waffle cones and enjoy some ice cream on a hot day

There is nothing more important than family, so spend as much time together as possible and enjoy a full month of family fun!


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