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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Determine Your Equipment Payments With LeaseCalc™

Is cost uncertainty what is holding you back from leasing your business equipment? If so, Tiger Leasing can help! With a few simple clicks, our LeaseCalc™ equipment leasing calculator will help you determine an approximate monthly payment for whatever equipment you are interested in leasing and it’s as easy as one, two, three!

1.Choose between the $100 buyout leasing option or the Fair Market Value buyout leasing option
2.Enter the equipment cost
3.Click calculate

After the above steps, LeaseCalc™ will automatically provide you with the monthly payments for a lease term of one to five years. Actual monthly payments may vary slightly based on your credit score, but the Equipment Lease Calculator is a useful tool to use to see which equipment will fit in your budget. One of the many benefits of leasing is the financial flexibility and Tiger’s Equipment Leasing Calculator is an added bonus that will help determine the amount of payments so you can plan ahead. If you’re looking for more exact information, feel free to contact Tiger Leasing by phone at (212) 791-2250 or by sending an email to


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