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Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Heavy Equipment Leasing

Whether you need to lease forklifts, office equipment, warehousing or construction equipment, we have you covered! As experts in the equipment leasing industry, Tiger Leasing has you covered for all of your heavy equipment leasing needs.

Tiger offers customized machinery leasing and financing programs that your business needs to thrive. There are several benefits of leasing, including tax benefits, conserving cash and paying only for what you use, just to name a few! With eight out of 10 businesses leasing their machinery and furniture, why would you choose anything else?

Another benefit of choosing to lease your heavy equipment with Tiger Leasing is knowing how much you will be paying each month. Whether you are looking to lease material handling equipment, furniture or any other form of heavy equipment, Tiger Leasing’s LeaseCalc™ can provide you with an estimated monthly payment amount for a lease term of one to five years. This way, you will have an estimate of your monthly payments so you can budget your other expenses and plan for your business’ future.

As an industry leader, we understand the importance a fast and easy equipment leasing process. Apply to lease online or download an application form to lease your heavy equipment today! If you have any further questions regarding heavy equipment leasing, contact a Tiger Leasing representative at (212) 791-2250 or


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