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Friday, October 26, 2012

Workspace Organization 101

The first week of October is “Get Organized Week,” and while many of us take the time to organize at home, we don’t invest time organizing at the office. While a cluttered and unorganized desk might not seem like a problem, the mess can take away from your focus and productivity. Check out these tips of how you can clean up your workspace and maximize your efficiency.

Eliminate unnecessary things 
From old scratch paper to pens that are out of ink, there are many unneeded objects that can quickly fill up your desk. More clutter means less space for items of importance, such as a desk calendar, relevant work documents or just space to sprawl out and work. While that post-it about a meeting may have been a necessary reminder two weeks ago, it probably doesn’t need to be on your desk anymore. Get rid of it along with anything else that you don’t need to leave room for things you do need.

 Have what you need in arm’s reach 
What supplies do you use most at work? Items like writing utensils, notepads and a stapler are probably things you frequently use at your desk, so why not make them easy to access? If you have a job that requires you to do math, it doesn’t make any sense to have your calculator located out of reach in a place like your bottom desk drawer; it should have a place on your desk that makes it easy to find and use. To tidy up your most frequently used office items, you may want to consider investing in desk organization so every sheet of paper and every paperclip have an easy-to-access home.

Keep your days organized, too 
Having a planner or desk calendar is a great way to keep your meetings, tasks and other important to-dos in order. Instead of writing a post-it for every meeting or deadline, your calendar will keep all of your to-dos in one place. There are also electronic tools like Google Calendar, Google’s free online calendar that allows you to access your schedule on any device that has Internet access. If you have a bad habit of forgetting or losing your planner, give Google Calendar a try!

Document organization 
Whether the majority of your documents are on your computer or in file folders, it is crucial to keep all of your documents organized all the time. If you are misplacing papers or just shoving them in your drawer, try a new form of organization. Color coded or manila folders are a great way to keep your paper documents organized and will help make sure nothing gets lost again. It is equally as important to organize your computer documents and there are many ways to do this. If you have many different clients, create a folder for each client within your “My Documents” folder. Another option is to organize your documents by date. This way, you won’t have to sift through hundreds of documents to find the one you’re looking for.

Being organized at work is crucial, so take these tips in to consideration the next time you find your desk cluttered! How do you keep your desk organized? Comment below or share with us on our Facebook page!


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