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Friday, February 8, 2013

Why Quality Customer Service is so Important

Does your business understand why quality customer service is so important? According to a 2011 AmericanExpress survey, 78 percent of US consumers have not completed a business transaction or an intended purchase due to poor customer service. This high percentage shows how strongly consumers feel about the importance of good customer service. Here are more reasons why it’s important to treat your customers right.

Make a Good Impression
Did you know 59 percent of consumers said they would be willing to try a new brand or company to get better customer service? You never know when you’re going to get first time customers walking into your store or calling with questions, so providing excellent customer service all of the time is crucial. Go above and beyond to turn those first timers into loyal, returning customers!

Leads to Repeat Business
If you have a positive impact on a first time customer, the odds are high that they will return to do business with you. 95 percent of Americans said that having a good customer service experience with a company leads to repeat business. It’s simple: meet the customers’ needs and they will keep coming back to you in return!

Show Your Customers Some Appreciation
Do you let your customers know that you appreciate their business? 42 percent of consumers believe that companies are helpful, but they don’t do anything extra to keep their business. So what can your business do to show your customers that you care? Simple gestures like saying, “Thank you for stopping,” or “We appreciate you choosing to do your shopping with us,” will show your customers you are grateful for their business.

Don’t Put a Price Tag on Good Service
13 percent of consumers reported that they are willing to spend more with companies that provide first-rate customer service. On the flip side, 42 percent of consumers said they expect excellent service without having to spend more. Good customer service is something your business should take pride in because it could be what separates you from your competition.

Only six percent of consumers said their customer service experiences have exceeded their expectations. Is your business a part of this small percentage? If it’s not, remember the old saying “the customer is always right!” 


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