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Wednesday, November 27, 2013

How To Leave Work At The Office

Depending on your line of work, a nine-to-five job may not be your reality. If you have a demanding profession, late nights at the office or taking work home with you may be your norm. Bringing work home once in a while is OK, but constantly doing so can put a strain on not only you, but your family and home life as well. It is important to find a balance between being a successful professional and your role at home, whether it be a mother, father, husband, wife, friend or roommate. This is easier said than done, which is why we put together these tips to help you leave work at the office.

Take Time To Unwind
Whether you have a big deadline coming up or are working hard to earn a promotion, it’s common for the stress of work to stick with you even after you’re off the clock. Bringing these stressors home with you can be dangerous. Being on-edge with your family members or friends because something work-related is on your mind can cause harm to any relationship. To reduce the risk of lashing out after a long day, take some time to unwind before you get home. What you need to do to relax is a personal choice, but one idea would be to listen to your favorite tunes while taking the long way home.

Unplug From Your Electronics
Today’s technology makes it incredibly easy to stay connected no matter where you are, including home. Having your work email on your smartphone or tablet makes it easy to get sucked in to working when you’re supposed to be off the clock. What you intended to be a quick glimpse at your email can quickly turn in to a problem you need to deal with. The solution? Disconnect yourself from your work phone, email and everything else that ties you to work while you’re at home, unless you’re in a field that requires you to be on call. Even if it’s just for a few hours a day, your stress level, family and friends will appreciate your focus on them, instead of your email.

Enjoy “Me Time”
Once you get home and are unplugged from your electronics, slip into some casual clothes and do something that you enjoy doing. If you have a dog take him for a walk, enjoy dinner with your family, go out to the movies or treat yourself to a mini shopping spree. It’s important to make time for yourself because before you know it, you’ll be on your way to work again!

It’s Okay To Say No
There is a reason that Superman is a fictional character; nobody has the power to do everything. While you may feel like you can take on every single task that comes your way, there are probably some things that you don’t have the time to do. If your to-do list is full or if you have a big deadline coming up, it is ok to say no or ask for help when you need it. Taking on too many projects at once is often what leads to having to bring work home. From time to time you may need to work a few hours away from your desk, but learning to say no to some things will keep you from spending every night on the job.

Your job is an important part of your life, but it shouldn’t completely control it. Keep these tips in mind during the Holidays when your work and home life are busier and more stressful than usual! How do you balance your work and home life, especially during the hectic Holiday season? Share with us below, on our Facebook page, or via Twitter!

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