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Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Quick Tips To Get Motivated At Work

Sometimes it can be difficult to find your motivation at work. Even if you love your job, there can be times when you find yourself in a slump that is tough to get out of. It is one thing to have an occasional case of the Mondays, but consistently being unmotivated can be dangerous to your productivity level and job security. Here are 5 tips to remember the next time you are feeling less than motivated at work:

Always Challenge Yourself
If everything you do at work comes easy to you, it’s simple for your motivation to slip away. This may sound strange, but being too good at your job can even make work boring. If this is the case for you, consider shaking things up a bit by challenging yourself. Ask yourself things like, “How can I take my job to the next level,” or “Are there ways I can improve day to day tasks?”

Take A Break
Workplace distractions are inevitable. Even if you have your own office, there is probably something that keeps you from being 100 percent focused, like excessive emails or your cell phone. Distractions are often a culprit for stealing your motivation, so if you’re feeling unfocused get up and out of the office for a quick break. Walks around the block or going out for lunch are both good ways to refresh your mind and body.

Update Your Skills
Whether you’re at work or elsewhere, it’s always beneficial to learn new things because doing so keeps your mind fresh. How you update your skills depends on your job position and your field. However, keeping up with industry updates by reading, watching informative videos or attending conferences is usually a good way to stay sharp.

Daily Dose of Motivation
If you can’t seem to find your motivation, it may help for motivation to be delivered to you! Free services like Seven Quotes allow you to sign up for quotes of the day. You might find that a daily dose of inspiration will give you a new outlook and help you power through your work day.

Give Yourself Something To Look Forward To
Have you ever noticed you are more motivated when you have something to look forward to? That’s because a little incentive goes a long way! Whether you have a vacation coming up, a dinner with friends or are going out to a movie, if give yourself something to look forward to you’ll push yourself harder without even realizing it!

Have you struggled with staying motivated at work? How did you re-gain your drive? Share with us via a comment, on our Facebook page, or tweet to us!

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