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Thursday, January 23, 2014

Medical Equipment Leasing

Thanks to endless research and studies, medical professionals are constantly finding new methods of treatment for patients. Doctors are always looking for the best way to treat their patients, but providing quality care can only go so far without the right equipment. Outdated medical equipment doesn’t do anybody any good, since many people rely on that equipment and technology every day.

From anesthesia and cardiology equipment to rehab and dentistry equipment, medical facilities depend on their equipment to function to its fullest. Technology that doesn’t work properly or is outdated can be unreliable, which is never safe in the medical field. In order to provide patients with the best care and to keep an edge, it is necessary to update your medical equipment often. Buying your equipment not only means you’re stuck with it for years to come, but it is also a big investment that ties up your funds.

As a leasing and financing lender, Tiger Leasing offers a variety of equipment leasing programs that meet different levels of your medical leasing needs. With over 35 years of experience, we work to deliver customized leasing solutions so you are able to get the equipment you need with a financing solution that works for you. From Lease Purchases to Fair Market Value Buy-Out, Tiger’s variety of leasing programs ensures you are able to affordably obtain the latest medical equipment.

Besides staying current with the latest equipment and technology, an important part of a medical facility is ensuring that your patients and staff are comfortable. Tiger also offers leasing solutions for these areas:
Equipment leasing is advantageous for both your practice and your patients, so consider medical equipment leasing when it’s time to buy or upgrade your equipment. If you have questions about leasing your medical equipment and technology, don’t hesitate to contact our experienced team of leasing professionals today.

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Friday, January 17, 2014

Office Furniture Leasing To Match Your Style & Meet Your Needs

Whether you’re opening a new business, rearranging your office, hiring new employees or just want to update your office’s design, there are many situations when leasing your office furniture should be considered. Business owners know that buying office furniture can quickly get expensive, even when you’re just buying the essentials, but when you add additional pieces like conference room equipment, filing cabinets, and computers, your bill quickly adds up! Instead of buying furniture that can go out of style or being locked into your equipment, consider leasing.

No matter your business’s specialty, Tiger Leasing has furniture that will match your office’s style while providing the functionality you require. Choose from various office furnishings including desks, chairs, whiteboards, office decorations, bookcases, reception equipment and more. The style of your furniture you select reflects your business, so choose wisely! Some furniture designs include:
  • Traditional: Offices outfitted with woods and leather furnishings give the impression of tradition, sophistication and attention to detail
  • Eco-Friendly: Green office furniture indicates that social responsibility is an important to your organization
  • Bold: Vivid colors and artistic detail indicate your business is creative and can design imaginative projects
  • High-Tech: Current gadgets, tools and technology distinguishes your business as tech savvy and data dependent
  • Modern: Stylish, clean lined furnishings show your business is innovative and forward thinking
  • Sterile:A clean office space equipped with hygienic furnishings distinguish you and your employees as individuals who value following procedures and seeking perfection
Once you’ve decided which type of furniture will suit your office’s style and your employee’s needs, it’s time to choose one of our leasing programs. Tiger’s flexible plans allow you to choose the leasing solution that is best for you. Our programs include:
  1. Lease Purchase With $100 Buyout: This plan allows you to buy the equipment at the end of the lease for only $100
  2. Operating Lease With Fair Market Value: This leasing program gives you the option to purchase the equipment at the end of your lease for its Fair Market Value, continue leasing, or return the equipment
  3. Venture Lease: Ideal for startup companies, this program offers a lease where we provide 100% financing.
  4. Deferred Payment: This lease is structured so your initial months have little to no payments and is ideal for companies where the equipment won’t generate revenue for a short period of time.
  5. Seasonal Payment: If your business relies on seasonal cash flow, Tiger can design a lease where payments can be higher in certain months and lower in other months.
  6. Step Up/Step Down Payment: This option structures your lease payments to match your business’s cash flow needs.
  7. Municipal Lease: This plan is available to all city and state agencies. Due to the tax exempt status of the lessee, rates are much lower than standard commercial rates.

Don’t let money interfere with the furniture your office needs to succeed! Apply for a lease today or contact the Tiger Leasing Team to get answers to your furniture leasing questions today!

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Friday, January 3, 2014

Refresh Your Business This Year

You may already have a New Year’s resolution for yourself, but have you ever thought about creating a resolution for your business? As a business owner, the start of a new year is a great opportunity to set new goals for your brand to accomplish in the following year and beyond. Goals will vary depending on your type of business, but Tiger Leasing has put together a few general ideas to help you refresh your business in 2014!

Evaluate 2013
Take some time with your team to sit down and look back at 2013. Ask what did and didn’t work for your employees and for your business. Then discuss how you can make improvements this year. This doesn’t mean changing your businesses goals or objectives, but looking at things like how your business can increase efficiency or improve customer satisfaction.

Stay Informed
No matter what field you’re in, it is extremely important to stay current with what is going on in your industry. Reading articles, attending seminars or webinars relevant to your business are simple ways for you to stay up to date, which can lead you to be seen as a thought leader or industry expert. Don’t let your competition take away business because you aren’t informed of the latest industry changes or trends!

Recognize Loyal Customers
Generating and nurturing leads is what many business owners spend much time and effort on, but your existing customers are just as important as new ones. Every so often, call your customers or send them an email to make sure they are satisfied with your company and to let them know that you appreciate their business. A little can go a long way!

Get Social
If your business doesn’t already have a Social Media presence, 2014 is the time to create one. In a previous Blog post, we explained why Social Media for your brand is important, but it’s so crucial that we’re discussing it again! A few of the popular Social Media channels businesses use are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, but it’s not necessary to have a presence on each channel. Before signing up, evaluate the time your brand will be able to devote to maintaining an active presence. Not convinced Social Media is important? View some stats from 2013 here.

Will you consider any of these ideas for your business in 2014, or do you already have big plans of your own? Share your thoughts with us below in a comment, on our Facebook page or Tweet us!


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