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Friday, January 3, 2014

Refresh Your Business This Year

You may already have a New Year’s resolution for yourself, but have you ever thought about creating a resolution for your business? As a business owner, the start of a new year is a great opportunity to set new goals for your brand to accomplish in the following year and beyond. Goals will vary depending on your type of business, but Tiger Leasing has put together a few general ideas to help you refresh your business in 2014!

Evaluate 2013
Take some time with your team to sit down and look back at 2013. Ask what did and didn’t work for your employees and for your business. Then discuss how you can make improvements this year. This doesn’t mean changing your businesses goals or objectives, but looking at things like how your business can increase efficiency or improve customer satisfaction.

Stay Informed
No matter what field you’re in, it is extremely important to stay current with what is going on in your industry. Reading articles, attending seminars or webinars relevant to your business are simple ways for you to stay up to date, which can lead you to be seen as a thought leader or industry expert. Don’t let your competition take away business because you aren’t informed of the latest industry changes or trends!

Recognize Loyal Customers
Generating and nurturing leads is what many business owners spend much time and effort on, but your existing customers are just as important as new ones. Every so often, call your customers or send them an email to make sure they are satisfied with your company and to let them know that you appreciate their business. A little can go a long way!

Get Social
If your business doesn’t already have a Social Media presence, 2014 is the time to create one. In a previous Blog post, we explained why Social Media for your brand is important, but it’s so crucial that we’re discussing it again! A few of the popular Social Media channels businesses use are Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn, but it’s not necessary to have a presence on each channel. Before signing up, evaluate the time your brand will be able to devote to maintaining an active presence. Not convinced Social Media is important? View some stats from 2013 here.

Will you consider any of these ideas for your business in 2014, or do you already have big plans of your own? Share your thoughts with us below in a comment, on our Facebook page or Tweet us!


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