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Thursday, February 27, 2014

Leasing Tools for Vendors

If you’re an equipment sales person, considering equipment leasing may not be your first instinct. However, there are numerous benefits of equipment leasing, that could  be valuable assets to you as a sales person. As a vendor, offering leasing and financing options provides your customers with more options and can help you sell more equipment. The professionals at Tiger Leasing work with you to help you close more sales. Here are some of the tools and services we offer:

Leasing Information Sheets
Saying yes to equipment leasing might be new to your customers, but with the facts and benefits right in front of them it makes it hard to say no. Tiger provides vendors with a variety of informational documents, including details about our leasing programs, FAQs, the benefits of leasing as well as our program rates. Download Tiger’s free information sheets here:
Tax Benefits
Your customers will be happy to know that the equipment they lease may be tax deductible. In 2013 under Section 179, businesses that spend less than $2 million per year on qualified equipment can write off up to $500,000. Use Tiger’s Tax Savings Lease Calculator to help estimate tax deductions.
*It is not clear if 2013’s deductions will carry over 2014. The tax savings calculator assumes 2013 deductions.*

LeaseQuote™ 2.1
The basis of LeaseQuote™ is simple, but this tool provides valuable information to prospects. Tiger’s LeaseQuote™ uses a simple Excel Spreadsheet to help you generate a proposal for potential customers. Simply type in the equipment cost and let our formulas do the work! LeaseQuote™ will automatically calculate monthly lease payments for terms ranging from 12 to 60 months.

Leasing As A Closing Tool
Tiger Leasing created a PowerPoint presentation to assist you during your pitches. The presentation outlines the benefits of leasing for your customers as well as selling tips for you, so don’t overlook this valuable closing tool.

In addition to all of the tools that the Tiger Leasing provides, you may find the professionals at Tiger to be the most helpful resource of all. Contact the team of experienced professionals at Tiger Leasing today to learn more about all of our tools for vendors.

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