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Monday, February 17, 2014

Restaurant Equipment Leasing: The Recipe To Success

There’s more to running a successful restaurant than having skilled chefs, delicious food and well-trained employees. Those are all very important aspects, but it’s necessary to remember that restaurants need the right equipment to function smoothly and at a professional level. When you think of leasing, restaurant equipment may not be the first thing that comes to mind. However there are several reasons why leasing your appliances and other necessary equipment is the recipe to your business’s success.

Whether you’re opening a new restaurant or are a veteran in the industry, there is no wrong time to begin leasing your restaurant equipment! From commercial dishwashers and refrigerators to ovens and coffee makers, the list of restaurant equipment you can lease is nearly endless. More and more people are turning to leasing because owning equipment alone doesn’t make you money, productive use of the equipment does. Purchasing restaurant equipment requires a hefty, up-front payment and can even tie up your credit lines. When you lease, your cash isn’t invested in equipment, so you will have more money available for promotion opportunities, working capital or other cash flow needs.

An added benefit of leasing is the ability to upgrade your equipment at any time. The restaurant industry is competitive, so the last thing you want to do is get stuck with outdated equipment at affects the quality of your customers’ dining experience. When you lease you aren’t tied down to the equipment you purchased and are still paying off; you are free to upgrade to the latest and greatest five-star equipment. On the flip side, if you like the equipment that you lease, one of Tiger’s flexible leasing programs allows you to buy your equipment for only $100 at the end of your lease term.

Are you interested in leasing your restaurant equipment? We make it easy for you to apply! You can print a downloadable application and fax it to us or you can apply online. For questions regarding restaurant leasing, please contact Tiger’s experienced team of leasing professionals today.

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