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Monday, April 7, 2014

10 Fun Things To Do This Spring!

Spring has sprung! The short and cold days of winter and snowy weather are melting away to longer days with more sunshine and rising temps. After months of being indoors it might be tough to transition out of hibernation mode, so the team at Tiger Leasing put together a list of fun activities that will help you get in the swing of spring and enjoy the season. So organize some coworkers or get your friends and family involved and make the most of the new season!
  1. Garage Sale: Having a garage sale may not be at the top of your spring to-do list, but you may want to consider it after you take on spring cleaning. Having a garage sale is a simple way to clear out old clothes, books, knick knacks and other items you uncover and make a little extra cash.
  2. Plant A Garden: If you have room in your yard, try planting a garden! There are many vegetables you can plant in spring, including potatoes, spinach, onions, lettuce, peas, kale and carrots. There’s nothing better than having fresh veggies to cook with. An office garden is a great way to get your employees or team members eating healthier and watching those flowers grow can be great team-bonding!
  3. Walk or Run Outside: After a long day at the office, it’s nice to be able to get outdoors and get some physical activity in. A walk or a jog gives your body the exercise it craves and is a simple way to enjoy gorgeous spring evenings. If you can, a quick walk at lunch is another great way to get re-energized and re-focused during the workday!
  4. Take A Trip To The Zoo: Heading to the zoo never gets old. Gather your family or friends, some snacks and the camera for a fun-filled day at your local zoo. Keep your eye out for discounts or coupons, as many zoos have reduced admission days in spring. Organizing an office trip is another great way to keep the team strong and laughing together for better employee morale and overall productivity!
  5. Community Events: From benefit walks to volunteer opportunities, many communities have a variety of activities to get involved with during spring. Look on your city’s website or in its newspaper for upcoming events you may be interested in. This is another great way to get your employees or team out and about together, supporting the community! If you can sponsor or donate to local events, you could also get some publicity and good PR for your business as well!
  6. Go For A Bike Ride: You’re never too old for a bike ride! Whether you prefer to ride on trails or would rather stick to the streets, a bike ride is a great way to enjoy a beautiful spring day. Is your commute a manageable one? Consider biking to work as well, get in a great workout while doing something good for the environment, too!
  7. Have A Picnic: If you’re not sure what to do on a sunny Saturday afternoon, why not have a picnic? Pack a basket of tasty foods, grab a friend or the family and head to the park to soak up the great outdoors. Look for spots around your work place for a weekday picnic with coworkers, as well!
  8. Read A Book Outside: Sometimes lazy days are the best. On your days off, when you just want to relax, head outside with a good book and read.
  9. Head To The Ballpark: Spring means it’s time for baseball to begin again. Whether you’re a baseball fan or not, it’s safe to say that a day spent with friends and family at the ballpark will be a good time.
  10. Rainy Day Movie Marathon: It’s true, April showers bring May flowers. On days when you can’t get outside due to rainy weather, kick back, relax and have a marathon of your favorite movies.
Did we miss any of the musts on your to-do list for the spring? Feel free to share them with us in a comment, on our Facebook page, Google+ page or Tweet us! Happy Spring!

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