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Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Spring Cleaning your Business’ Equipment

Spring is finally here! Roll up those sleeves and grab a broom because it is time to spring clean your business’ equipment! If you have been frustrated with obsolete technology and outdated equipment this winter, it may be time to lease. When you lease equipment through Tiger Leasing, you receive the most efficient, updated technology, along with the best equipment, for a cost effective price. Sometimes, you just need to shake the dust loose to see there are better options available for your company. We’ve put together a spring cleaning checklist so you can focus on making your business the best it can be.

Office Furniture – Does your waiting room or reception area need a facelift? These spots are your only chance to make a first impression, why not wow your customers with a fresh look? Leasing office furniture is a great way to revive your office, without spending a ton of money.

Computer Systems – From hardware to software to training and beyond, Tiger Leasing can structure a computer financing solution specifically for your business. Whatever technology solutions you need, Tiger can help. Plus, with a lease, you won’t be stuck with outdated equipment when the lease is up!

Business Equipment – Whatever your business needs to grow, Tiger Leasing can help you acquire. Learn more about our various equipment leasing programs, or contact a Tiger Leasing representative today for more information!

With a little help from Tiger Leasing, your spring cleaning doesn’t have to be difficult, or expensive. Whatever your business needs in terms of equipment and technology, we can help with. Don’t let this opportunity for spring cleaning pass you by! Make the most of this time and inventory your needs and create a wish list for the Tiger Leasing team! Our innovative, cost effective financing programs are sure to be the right solution for your business this spring!

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