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Friday, July 25, 2014

Computer Leasing in the New Technology Age

Technology is evolving faster than ever these days. Companies depend on information technology to keep their businesses running. Keeping up with technology is vital for any company that wants to sustain a competitive edge. It is recommended that business computers be replaced every three to four years. The typical desktop computer has little market value after four years and is most likely no longer covered under warranty. Hardware and maintenance costs can also add up quickly. Buying new computers can be a huge expenditure for small start-up companies on a tight budget. Computer leasing addresses all these factors and offers a strategic, competitive opportunity for businesses.

Computer leasing is a great alternative to purchasing new technology equipment. Leasing equipment allows you to regularly upgrade your computer and software equipment on a regular basis. This means you will no longer get stuck working with equipment that is out-of-date.

Just as technology changes, human’s expectations change. People and businesses want an instantaneous response. At Tiger Leasing, we believe you shouldn’t have to wait around for funds to become available, time is money after all! Leasing computer equipment does not require a large down payment; instead, the money owed is spread out over affordable, monthly payments depending on the leasing program you’ve chosen. Not only does computer leasing allow you to stay competitive, at Tiger Leasing, our agreements provide 100% financing on computers and software. You can also include maintenance and training into your finance package, so that you and your staff understands the powerful new technology you’ve acquired and how to best utilize it for your business and customers.

When you are forced to buy computer equipment because of a breakdown or virus, typically it is something inexpensive that will get the job done “right now.” Businesses that lease are thinking long-term and planning for the future based on their customers’ evolving needs.

Keeping up with technology may be difficult, but choosing not to keep up could be fatal to your business. Computer leasing is easy, affordable and effective for every business venture. If you are considering leasing new technology equipment fill out our online application form or contact Tiger Leasing for more information.

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