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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why Equipment Leasing Makes Sense - Even During Harsh Economic Times

It’s hard to find much of anything wrong with equipment leasing, even during harsh economic times. When the economy isn’t booming, many businesses’ look for ways to cut costs or free up space. When they do this it becomes hard to stay competitive especially when you’re working at the same pace, with the same equipment you’ve started with five years prior. Why should you have to sacrifice your products, services and your customers trust with old, outdated equipment? Equipment leasing is an excellent source of stability and return for many types of businesses. When the economy is down, it's more important than ever to up your game and provide the highest quality goods and services to your customers. Equipment leasing allows you to do just that, without the risk of traditional purchases.

At Tiger Leasing we believe in smart equipment leasing solutions that benefit our clients. Below is a list of the reasons why equipment leasing is a smart and stable decision.

  • Conserve Cash – Instead of being tied up with purchased equipment, leasing allows you to have cash available. Put that money back into the business or use it for opportunities to grow.
  • Preserve Credit –It’s always important to have a strong credit line. When you lease, your existing lines of credit and borrowing availability are left untouched.
  • Use Equipment Immediately – Monthly payments allow you to use the leased equipment immediately and with its operating efficiencies, the equipment pays for itself.
  • 100% Financing – Our leases finance 100% of the cost of the equipment. You can also include soft costs into your lease, such as training.
  • No Down Payment – Banks often charge a hefty down payment for purchasing equipment. Leasing, however, does not. You do not have to put down any down payment to start leasing.
  • Upgrade Equipment – Upgrade anytime to the most innovative, up-to-date technology and equipment when you lease.

In good times and in hard times, leasing is always a good option. If you are considering equipment leasing, feel free to contact us anytime. Remember cutting costs and freeing up space doesn’t mean you need to be lagging behind! Get the most updated and innovative technology and equipment when you lease with Tiger Leasing!

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Thursday, August 14, 2014

Managing Change - Business Tips and Insight

“Progress is impossible without change and those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything.” A famous quote by George Bernard Shaw, an Irish playwright and socialist, reminds people that you cannot progress if you do not change. According to statistics, the number one priority among corporations in 2013 was growth. Over 53% of organizations rank it as most important. Is your company ready to grow? If you’ve answered yes, then you need to be ready for change. It is no longer enough for businesses to be good at one thing. In this quickly evolving world, businesses need to be capable of rapid change.

Change is difficult and people fear it. A few reasons why employees resist change are because:
  • Workers are “connected” to the old way of doing things.
  • People often believe new changes are “temporary fads.”
  • They do not understand the need for change.
  • Some people fear they lack competence to transition in change.
  • Trust issues

So how can your business expect, plan and manage change? We have compiled a list to help you seek growth by implementing change.

  • Get management involved
  • If your top management’s attitude is negative towards change, it is going to be a lot harder to get the rest of the team on board. Make sure to outlay the benefits of change and how their positions will be affected to try to get them involved.
  • Communicate
  • If people are not allowed to have a say in the change, they will be more resistant. Communicate to them and help them understand the reason for change. Show them how the change will benefit the company as a whole.
  • Listen
  • Listen to employees' input throughout the process. The more involved an employee is the better motivated they will be to commit to the business changes. Give them some responsibilities and ownership in the transition.
  • Provide Training
  • Make sure to provide proper training on any new software and computers that are necessary. Training on all tools and equipment should be provided for by the company.
  • Reward
  • Always remember to thank your employees for their dedication to change. It isn’t necessary, but you can reward your employees with a small gift, compensation or even a day off, for working hard to make a difference in your business!

As long as you provide support and positivity, your management team and employees can be sure change is what is best for the company. Remember, if you seek progress, you’re changing and with change you can do anything!


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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Restaurant Equipment Leasing – The Secret Ingredient

What do Great Grandma’s pasta sauce, Dad’s meatloaf and equipment leasing all have in common? Give up? The answer is: they all have a secret ingredient! We’re not sure what Great Grandma uses or what Dad throws in, but at Tiger Leasing our secret ingredient is our restaurant equipment leasing, and we're willing to share that secret with cafes, diners, bistros, bakeries and 5-star dining restaurants of all kinds! You can obtain the nicest, most up-to-date restaurant equipment and supplies on the market, with a restaurant equipment lease from Tiger Leasing!

It’s true, many ingredients go into making a restaurant successful. With that being said, no restaurant is complete without its equipment. Restaurant equipment is more than a freezer and a stove; it involves hundreds of tools and appliances to create that delicious menu. Why juggle quality, cost and convenience when deciding upon equipment? You can’t be a great baker or an excellent chef without the help of equipment. Get what you want when you lease!

Leasing restaurant equipment is a valuable way to enjoy the benefits of the newest technology and equipment because you can upgrade anytime. The benefits of leasing are great, especially for restaurants owners. When you lease, you are conserving your cash and working capital. Instead of spending a chunk of money on purchasing new equipment, you will have all that cash left over to put back into the business or spend on other marketing opportunities. You are also preserve your credit lines because your borrowing availability is left untouched. Ownership can be an expensive luxury, one that we don't think restaurants need to worry about! When you lease, the new equipment practically pays for itself over time. You can also use your equipment immediately, instead of waiting around. It’s no wonder why eight out of ten businesses use equipment leasing programs to acquire equipment.

We are a restaurant equipment leasing and financing company that truly understands your business. No one knows Great Grandma’s secret ingredient, just like no one knows your restaurant better than you do. If you are ready to produce faster and worker smarter, contact Tiger Leasing today.

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