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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Why Equipment Leasing Makes Sense - Even During Harsh Economic Times

It’s hard to find much of anything wrong with equipment leasing, even during harsh economic times. When the economy isn’t booming, many businesses’ look for ways to cut costs or free up space. When they do this it becomes hard to stay competitive especially when you’re working at the same pace, with the same equipment you’ve started with five years prior. Why should you have to sacrifice your products, services and your customers trust with old, outdated equipment? Equipment leasing is an excellent source of stability and return for many types of businesses. When the economy is down, it's more important than ever to up your game and provide the highest quality goods and services to your customers. Equipment leasing allows you to do just that, without the risk of traditional purchases.

At Tiger Leasing we believe in smart equipment leasing solutions that benefit our clients. Below is a list of the reasons why equipment leasing is a smart and stable decision.

  • Conserve Cash – Instead of being tied up with purchased equipment, leasing allows you to have cash available. Put that money back into the business or use it for opportunities to grow.
  • Preserve Credit –It’s always important to have a strong credit line. When you lease, your existing lines of credit and borrowing availability are left untouched.
  • Use Equipment Immediately – Monthly payments allow you to use the leased equipment immediately and with its operating efficiencies, the equipment pays for itself.
  • 100% Financing – Our leases finance 100% of the cost of the equipment. You can also include soft costs into your lease, such as training.
  • No Down Payment – Banks often charge a hefty down payment for purchasing equipment. Leasing, however, does not. You do not have to put down any down payment to start leasing.
  • Upgrade Equipment – Upgrade anytime to the most innovative, up-to-date technology and equipment when you lease.

In good times and in hard times, leasing is always a good option. If you are considering equipment leasing, feel free to contact us anytime. Remember cutting costs and freeing up space doesn’t mean you need to be lagging behind! Get the most updated and innovative technology and equipment when you lease with Tiger Leasing!

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