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Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Dental Equipment Leasing Solutions that Target the Stigma behind “Going to the Dentist”

As a dental professional, you're no stranger to the reputation your field has for some patients. There seems to be a unique stigma associated with visiting a dentist office and fighting that notoriety can be a challenge. For some, growing up dreading the idea of having to go to the dentist for anything from getting a cavity filled to a routine teeth cleaning was commonplace. The first step in overcoming these issues is understanding them…

  • Procedures and situations may be uncomfortable for patients – Beyond the physical
    discomfort associated with some dental procedures, there is an anxiety and stress some patients feel while in the dentist's chair.
  • Some dentists may not foster a welcoming environment – Some dental offices may lack a warm, inviting environment that patients are looking for.
  • Old dental equipment can look scary - Keeping up with modern dentistry equipment and practices is crucial when trying to attract new patients and maintain positive relationships with current clientele.

So what can Tiger Leasing do to help your business overcome this stigma?

  • Provide you with the best in dental equipment and office supplies
  • Keep your practice up-to-date with modern trends in dentistry equipment and practices
  • Help you foster a comfortable, welcoming environment
  • Preserve your case and lines of credit, so your working capital and borrowing availability can be used for other expenses
  • Overcome budget limitations, because leasing is 100% financing, the new dental equipment you lease will pay for itself over time with use

Here at Tiger Leasing, we strive to provide customized dental equipment leasing solutions that fit your business's technology, equipment and financial needs. We’re confident that the equipment and services we provide will create a welcoming environment for your patients. If you're ready to let us help you fight the stigma surrounding dentistry through Tiger Leasing’s affordable and functional dental equipment leasing solutions, then please contact a Tiger Leasing representative today! We'll work with you to develop a solution that fits both your business's and customer’s needs.

For more information on specific dental equipment leasing solutions and programs available, contact Tiger Leasing today.


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