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Monday, October 27, 2014

Halloween: Balancing work and play in the office

Halloween can be a great opportunity for your team to bond together and get to know each other better. A strong, communicative, happy team is the foundation of a successful business. Check out these do's and don'ts for using the upcoming Halloween holiday to foster a imaginative, enjoyable and productive office environment!
  • Don't be a scrooge
    • Come into work with an open mind and be ready to participate. Lead by example and help your team come together. If your office wants to put on some sort of Halloween event, be enthusiastic and encouraging.
    • Be down to earth and show some humility, this will allow you to appear more approachable to your employees and create a more welcoming environment, year-round.
  • Do feed the masses
    • Nothing unites people like food, whether you've been noticing issues with the office morale or you're just looking for an easy way to keep the team happy, food is a great solution!
    • Go out for lunch with the team at a local eatery and encourage productive conversations.
    • Sponsor a team picnic, cater a lunch in the break room, or have everyone bring their favorite fall dish to pass at a potluck!
  • Do facilitate (and participate in) team building opportunities
    • Think of creative ways to unite your team through team building activities in the spirit of the Halloween season. Take lots of photos and show them off on your social media sites and around the office for anyone to see!
      • Have everyone bring in their own Halloween decorations. Spruce up the office with Halloween and autumn-related d├ęcor, and vote for whomever you think was the most creative.
      • Take group pictures at a local park or scenic location.
      • Have your office host a pumpkin carving event, and vote for the best office pumpkin.
  • Don't ignore productivity
    • Keep in mind the mission and goals that your business has set out to accomplish, these fun activities should motivate people to want to be productive members of the team, not distract them from their duties for too long.
    • Remember to have fun, but set guidelines and limitations.
  • Don't create more stress
    • Halloween shouldn't be a stressful time for your team, it should be a fun and engaging time to boost company morale before the crash holiday season starts. Take the opportunity to bond with your team and get to know them a little better. After all, Halloween only comes around once a year!
Remember, happy people are productive people so take the time this month to encourage team building and having fun at work in order to keep your employees happy and productive! Have an idea that we forgot to mention? Leave a comment, write to us on our Facebook page, Google+ page, or Tweet at us!

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