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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Fun Activities to do This Winter

Winter's here, and so are the colder temperatures. But don't let the weather get you down! Whether it's an indoor crafting party or an outdoor excursion through the woods, there are plenty of fun activities to take part in during the holiday season. Below, the team at Tiger Leasing has compiled a list of a few of our favorite activities to do during winter:

Go Sledding/Skiing/Snowboarding
If you're the adventurous type, conquering the frozen tundra might be a fun idea for you. Check online to see if there are local skiing/snowboarding/sledding hills in your area.

Go on a photo expedition
Take a stroll through a park or city and document the landscape. You might be able to find some breathtaking scenery to take pictures of, particularly if there’s snow on the ground.

Create fun holiday crafts with the family
Search online for unique holiday crafting ideas, or simply cut out snowflake designs to hang on the tree or around the house. Crafting during the holidays can be a great and inexpensive bonding experience for you and your loved ones, even if your projects don't always turn out the way they're supposed to!

Decorate the house with lights and decorations
Decorating the home for the holidays is a fun activity for families, or even a group of friends. No matter what holiday you're celebrating, there are ways in which you can make the home festive and inviting, inside and out!

Host a holiday cookie-making party
Perhaps the "tastiest" idea on this list, hosting a holiday cookie-sharing party or simply baking a variety of cookies with the family offers you the chance to experiment with your creative side, while also making delicious treats for you to share.

Go ice skating
As long as you can stay on two feet long enough to enjoy it, ice skating can be a great time; don't let one slip and fall deter you from getting up and trying again!

As you can see, winter offers lots of fun activities to enjoy with your loved ones. Can you think of any activities or traditions that you and your family do to enjoy the holiday season? Let us know in the comment section, on our Facebook and Google+ pages, and on Twitter!


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