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Thursday, February 26, 2015

Establishing Your Business’s Brand Image

No matter what industry your business inhabits, creating, developing, and maintaining your business’s brand image is crucial to its success. From developing a clear mission statement, to maintaining consistency in image and creating a unique company voice, establishing your business’s image requires a lot of effort. Regardless, it’s a necessity for business success. Below, the team at Tiger Leasing has collected some tips on establishing this image and maintaining it for continued company success.

Develop a mission statement that is simple yet overarching
  • The purpose of a company’s mission statement is to provide a straightforward and simple understanding of what the business is trying to do via services, products, and more. Rather than using difficult to understand language, a mission statement should be very clear and easy to comprehend, but should also reflect the company as a whole.

Maintain a level of consistency among image and content
  • As a business, one of the last things you want to do is become inconsistent with your brand image or messaging. Establishing clarity allows for your customers to become much more comfortable with your brand as opposed to one that’s rapidly altering its voice or image.

Create a personality/voice that makes sense for your business
  • When people come across your brand, what personality or voice do you want to convey that will most accurately portray your business’s mission and image? For example, a trending software company might what to provide a fresh voice to its content, while a dental office that caters to an older population might want to stick with a traditional voice.

Although this may seem like it will take a lot of time and effort, it’ll pay off with customer and brand loyalty. Are there any other tactics that your business uses to maintain a strong brand image? Let us know in a comment, on our Facebook page, Google+ page or on Twitter!


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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Equipment Leasing - The Smart Choice for your Medical Facility

With Tiger Leasing’s equipment financing solutions, upgrading your hospital with the best diagnostic, surgical, and laboratory equipment in the industry can be an affordable and reasonable option. From laser medical equipment to Ob-Gyn equipment, and just about everything in between, we’re confident that Tiger Leasing’s equipment leasing solutions are the smartest choice for your hospital’s needs. No matter the size of your medical facility, know that Tiger Leasing has the equipment solution that can be customized to what you’re looking for. Maintaining trustworthy, high-quality hospital equipment is crucial to the success of a medical facility. Below, the team has compiled a list of ways in which it makes perfect sense for hospitals and medical facilities to lease equipment through Tiger Leasing.

Upgrading hospital equipment is simple
  • By leasing hospital equipment through Tiger Leasing, doctors and physicians have the ability to make changes to their existing equipment to prevent it from becoming outdated. Purchasing equipment up-front is an investment that negates this flexibility entirely.
Cash can be saved for other endeavors
  • Rather than making a major investment in equipment that’s going to become outdated eventually, hospital equipment leasing allows your medical facility to conserve cash and use it in other areas that require purchasing.
Less worrying about equipment, more on customers
  • As a health care professional, your focus should always be on the quality of care that you’re providing for your patients. With hospital equipment leasing, you’ll have the most advanced technology and equipment in order to treat your patients in the most effective ways possible.
Trusted financing solutions for a trusted medical facility
  • Not only will you be able to trust the equipment that you’re using, but you’ll also be able to trust your hospital equipment leasing program. Our team of professionals will work with you to ensure that your financing solution meets your needs as a health care professional.

As you can see, hospital equipment leasing through Tiger Leasing can provide your hospital or medical facility with modern equipment without major cash investments. If you have any questions regarding any of the leasing programs or other aspects of equipment leasing, don’t hesitate to contact us! Our team of professionals will work diligently to answer any questions you may have.


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Monday, February 9, 2015

The Do’s and Don'ts of Valentine’s Day at Work

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, the team at Tiger Leasing thought that it would be prudent to discuss our thoughts on the do’s and don’ts of celebrating Valentine’s Day in the office.

Don’t get distracted from important business matters
  • Regardless of what day it is, it’s critical to remember that the reason you’re at work is to be productive. Try not to get distracted by the commercialism and the romanticism of the holiday, especially if you have pressing business matters to attend to.

Do consider Valentine-themed giveaways
  • In terms of marketing your business, creating a timely giveaway or contest on your company’s social media accounts can be a great way to utilize the holiday as a good public relations technique.

Do take team photographs
  • One way to properly celebrate the holiday at work would be to take photos, either individually or as a team, as a form of promotion. Posting these photographs online through social media, website, or email can be a great way to involve your target audience and wish them a happy holiday.

Do take the chance to share what you love about where you work and/or the people you work with
  • If you’re looking to give thanks and show your appreciation on Valentine’s Day, a great way would be to share your admiration for your job and/or your coworkers.

Don’t forget to bring gifts for everyone
  • If you’re planning on bringing gifts for coworkers, don’t forget to include everyone. The last thing you want to do is unintentionally offend someone because you forget to include them in your gift exchange.

Don’t overspend on coworkers
  • Bringing gifts to coworkers on Valentine’s Day is a great way to show your appreciation, but don’t go crazy. Something small and sincere can go a long way, but you’ll want to make sure everyone gets their fair share.

It IS possible to celebrate Valentine’s Day at the office, but there are some guidelines that should be followed. Hopefully once the holiday rolls around you’ll be able to know what to DO and what NOT TO DO when it comes to celebrating at your work. Are there any other tips that you’d like to share regarding how your business handles or doesn’t handle Valentine’s Day? We want to know! Leave a comment, write on our Facebook page, Google+ page or Tweet us!

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