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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Energy Efficient Lighting and other Energy Reduction Options for the Office

Did you know that according to the National Institute of Building Sciences, lighting alone in commercial buildings accounts for over 30% of the total consumed electrical energy? The EPA estimates that idle electronics have an annual output of 12 power plants! It’s clear that energy efficient lighting and energy reduction options are a bight idea for any office. Here are some cost and energy-saving ideas for your office:

  1. Make use of natural light - Assuming your office has windows, natural light can be a great asset to energy savings. Try strategically installing blinds and window coverings to block the sun’s rays in warmer weather and keep your office cool. Then in cooler months, allow light in to help heat your office and keep it bright.
  2. Turn off all equipment at the end of the day - Although this may be a no-brainer, turning off your electronics overnight can greatly reduce energy consumption. Use power strips to easily turn off multiple units at once. If possible, unplug units to ensure that no energy leakage occurs. Remember that equipment on standby is different than equipment that is completely turned off.
  3. Invest in ENERGY STAR-qualified products - Consider equipment leasing or financing of office products that are equipped with energy-efficient designs. There are a wide variety of products including things like computers, copiers, printers, and commercial appliances.
  4. Switch to energy-efficient lighting - The WBDG found that lighting equipment such as soft-start electronic ballasts and compact fluorescent bulbs can cut lighting costs 30-60% while “enhancing lighting quality, reducing environmental impacts, and promoting health and work productivity.” The following are examples of great energy efficient lighting options for your office:
    • Fluorescent lamps
    • High-intensity discharge lamps (HID)
    • Incandescent lamps
    • LED lamps
    • Energy-efficient ballasts
    • Luminaries
If you think you’re ready finance or lease energy-saving office equipment and lighting, we can structure a finance solution for you. Check out our leasing programs to learn more about the process. Be sure to contact us if you have any questions.

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