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Friday, March 20, 2015

Spring Office Party Ideas

After a long winter, your employees are looking to re-energize and re-vitalize with the changing season. Office parties are a fun way to show employee appreciation, improve relations, and boost morale. With spring arriving, take a break to informally regroup and have fun. The Tiger Leasing team found some ideas to get you started with planning your own office event in honor of the warmer weather on the horizon.

  • Have a spring-themed potluck - Opt for a potluck-style celebration of the new season by suggesting that employees bring spring-themed dishes to share for lunch. Fresh fruits and vegetables, pastel-colored baked goods, light sides, and lemonade are just a few examples.
  • Play games - Loosen up with a few games to lighten the mood and provide some laughs. Check out these “25 HR Approved Office Party Ideas” from HRPeople to brainstorm games everyone will love. If the weather is warm enough, venture outdoors to get some fresh air!
  • Do a scavenger hunt - Whether or not you celebrate Easter, scavenger hunts are a competitive favorite that get people moving and thinking creatively. Hide eggs with candy, cash, or other prizes around the office. Incentivize employees to search well by having additional prizes for those who find the most eggs.
  • Host a spring cleaning competition - Spring cleaning can be a major mood boost and fun office activity. The first week of spring, employees are challenged to clean up and de-clutter. Awards for “most improved” and “best decorated” can be given during the office party at the end of the week with fun prizes.
  • Travel to an out-of-office destination - With temperatures rising, getting out of the office can be a much-needed break. Try looking for local attractions that promote a team-environment such as bowling or miniature golf. Unique restaurants, brewery or restaurant tours, cooking classes, sight-seeing and nature excursions are also great out-of-the-box ideas to celebrate spring.
  • Volunteer - Spring is a great time to get involved with your community and help out at local food banks, shelters, non-profits and more. Get to know each other while making a difference and celebrate spring in a positive, productive manner.

What other ideas do you have about hosting a spring office event? Comment to let us know how your office celebrates and be sure to connect with us on Facebook, Google+, and Twitter!


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