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Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Hotels, Motels and Inns, Oh My! Updating your space with new furniture…

Hotel, motel and inn furniture can be a highly influential factor for guests evaluating their stay. Out-of-date and worn furniture send a negative message to guests - making the environment seem unclean, uninviting and of poor quality. Keeping interior and exterior spaces fresh and modern can attract both new and previous customers and increase satisfaction. So what furniture options are available for updating your hospitality space?

New Furniture
There are a wealth of types and styles of furniture available with designers ready to create custom looks for any hospitality environment. Creativity is extremely important in ensuring your establishment sets itself apart from the competition and financing is easy with leasing programs from Tiger Leasing. Check out the 11 fastest growing hotel interior design trends from Freshome for inspiration.

Used Furniture
If investing in new furniture isn't in your design plan, especially with frequent upgrades, refurbished used or surplus furniture can still be a great option. According to an article from Hotel News Now, a hotel renovation cycle peaks at around three years. This means that there is large quantity of near-new furniture looking to be reused or repurposed. Your hotel can purchase “old” furniture and fashion it in new ways, adding style and decreasing costs.

Furniture Refinishing
Another frequently overlooked option for updating your hotel furniture is refinishing packages. If you haven’t quite reached the point of another renovation but are noticing wear and tear, restoring furniture can be a cost-effective, short-term option. Although it’s recommended to invest in new furniture to keep up with changing styles and trends, refinishing can be the perfect in-between option.

Whether you’re going for a top-down remodel, or simply enhancing your lobby with statement pieces, upgrading your hotel furniture is a worthwhile investment to increase guest satisfaction. The Tiger Leasing team offers a variety of affordable leasing programs to assist you in financing and is always available to answer questions.

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