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Monday, July 20, 2015

Keeping Equipment Cool in Hot Summer Months

With summer in full swing, temperatures are heating up outdoor and indoor environments. Keeping your equipment cool can be just as important as employee and customer comfort, especially when your operations depend on your equipment’s performance. Knowing the best ways to prevent equipment from overheating will keep things running smoothly.

Air Circulation
Sometimes, cooling down can simply mean switching on a few fans. Small and large spaces can benefit from air circulation, especially when used in conjunction with an air conditioning system. Identify areas that tend to build up the most heat and position circulatory units to distribute the heat.

Air Cooling Systems
Air conditioning is a popular and effective method for keeping environments and equipment cool. It’s important however to remember that air conditioning for humans or “comfort AC” is not the same as air conditioning for equipment, as it doesn’t not regulate humidity. Condensation can form on machines and static electricity can build up if humidity levels are not maintained at a safe level. Invest in a specialized system that it made specifically for equipment temperature control.

Cooling Racks
Cooling racks come in a variety of styles and sizes for different types of equipment and machinery. These can be an extra addition to enhance air ventilation and other cooling systems and can be very cost-effective.

Turn Off Equipment
Machines running on standby, whether that’s computers or manufacturing equipment, can produce unneeded heat. Turn off machines and appliances whenever possible to save energy and reduce temperatures.

Regardless of the methods you use, make sure that you are consistently monitoring temperatures at all times. Even sophisticated systems should be double-checked to avoid damages that can result from overheating. Don’t leave your valuable equipment unprotected from heat waves this summer! Follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+ for more tips and information about equipment leasing.

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