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Tuesday, August 25, 2015

New Technology Trends Worth Investing In

New technology and start-up companies are popping up nearly everywhere and it can be difficult to sift through new trends to determine what may be beneficial for your business. The following new technology trends have emerged above the rest and are looking at a bright future in terms of investment.

Cloud Storage and Software
Companies looking to store lots of information no longer need to rely on high-maintenance, expensive hardware, but can utilize cloud services including cloud storage and software in order to meet the demands of business without breaking the bank.

Multi-Purpose Equipment
Gadgets that serve more than one purpose aren’t just a decorative showpiece, but a solid investment choice. By choosing technology that isn’t exclusive to one task, businesses of all sizes can save money, time and space and the possibilities range from standard office equipment to advanced medical technology. A great example would be an office transition that allows employees to merge their desktops and laptops with a switch to tablets, which involves cutting back on the quantity of electronics in the office without sacrificing utility.

3-D Printing
The popularity of 3-D printing is on the rise and for good reason. There is dramatic opportunity for companies to utilize the technology for the production of consumer and industrial goods. With prices falling, these printers can be worth the investment by boosting productivity in the workplace and decreasing labor and materials costs.

Smart Tech
Adaptable and “intelligent” machines and equipment are paving the way for the next era of IT. According to the Top 10 Strategic Technology Trends for 2015 from Forbes, “machine helpers” are predicted to become more advanced and integrated into daily personal and commercial life.

Whatever your business is looking to invest in, Tiger Leasing is here to help with technology equipment leases. Our variety of leasing programs offer flexibility and affordability, enabling your company to obtain what you need and accomplish your goals. Contact us for more information and connect with us on Facebook, Twitter and Google+.

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Thursday, August 13, 2015

Municipal Leases 101 - Requirements and Benefits

What are municipal leases? Municipal lease programs are available to city and state agencies such as police and fire departments, school districts, municipal hospitals and other government entities. Although it’s common for government agencies to prefer owning their own equipment, municipal leases can provide an affordable way to finance large purchases that may otherwise not be possible with tight budgets and limited cash reserves.

Sometimes called a “muni-lease,” there are certain requirements for government entities looking to acquire equipment through a municipal lease. Rules can differ depending on the state, but many of the basics are the same across the board.

  • Who can obtain a lease? Two groups, direct issuers and tax-exempt private parties or organizations, are eligible for obtaining a lease. Direct issuers are comprised of states, cities, counties, various types of districts, local governments and Native American tribal governments. The second group includes 501(c)(3) organizations and certain tax-exempt manufacturers.
  • Does credit matter? Credit is important when obtaining a municipal lease, and Tiger Leasing will look at a variety of credit reporting scores to determine if an entity is eligible for a municipal lease. Different credit considerations include repayment sources, demographics, financial wherewithal and essentiality of service or assets.
  • What kind of documentation is needed? Documentation for a municipal lease-purchase is similar to a standard lease program, however often times it will include certain changes such as the inclusion of a nonappropriation clause. According to an article from the independent equipment finance and leasing trade publication the Monitor, “Most states’ laws consider ‘debt’ to include any obligation to pay money in a future fiscal period. A nonappropriation clause removes the legal obligation to make payments in a future fiscal period.” Working with equipment leasing professionals who are well-versed in municipal leasing documentation is important to avoid legal risks.

There are several benefits to obtaining a municipal lease for financing an equipment upgrade. The unique position of the lessee as a government entity makes the leasing program an affordable option.

  • Lessees are tax exempt, lowering payment rates well below typical commercial rates.
  • Cash is not tied up in equipment, but rather available for other expenses.
  • The lessee does not need direct voter approval.
  • Different departments can pool equipment needs into one municipal lease and enjoy lower interest rates. 
  • Municipal leases can overcome tight budget constraints, allowing for much-needed upgrades.

If you’re considering a municipal equipment leasing program, contact us for more information or apply online using our secure application.

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Monday, August 3, 2015

Taking Advantage of Summer as an Office

As the last full month of summer begins, doing your best to take advantage of the warm weather and an event-packed community calendar is essential. Whether it’s hosting team building activities, planning social events, participating in community involvement or maneuvering warm weather to boost productivity, summer months should not be wasted.

Team Building
It’s difficult to participate in team building when everyone is confined in an office. Summer months give the option of outdoor activities, broadening the types of things your team can do.

  • Pick an afternoon to participate in one of these outdoor-specific team building activities.
  • Create an employee sports team for a summer-friendly sport such as sand volleyball, soccer or ultimate Frisbee.
  • Set up a scavenger hunt or obstacle course!

Social Events
Getting to know your coworkers in an informal setting is a great idea to foster relationships and improve communication. Summer provides many opportunities to get to know one another while enjoying the outdoors.

  • Sign up for a walking or bus tour of your town or city. Many offer themed tours focusing on cuisine, architecture or history. If there aren’t any formal tours available, work with a small team to create one specific to your group’s interests!
  • Pick a sunny day and promote an outdoor, all-employee lunch break.
  • Create an employee events board, encouraging employees to share upcoming events they’re attending with an invitation to others in the office.
  • Reserve a section at a regional or state fair and invite employee families to meet one another, have a meal and participate in the fair as a group. This also works great at area sporting events!

Community Involvement
There are often countless options to get involved in the community during summer in ways that wouldn’t be available in the winter.

  • Create an office team and participate in a local walk/run for charity.
  • Volunteer your time to work with a local community garden or co-op to plant, harvest or weed gardens.
  • Clean up litter in a nearby park, beach or wildlife area.

Although frequent vacations and daydreaming at work about the beach probably aren’t the most positive side effects of summer when it comes to workplace productivity, there are great ways to take advantage of warmer months.

  • Break out your summer office décor and give the workplace a facelift. According to communications company Ring Central, sprucing up your office space to reflect the season improves employee mood and productivity. Open blinds for plenty of sunshine, bring in office plants and if possible, allow the summer breeze inside to give the experience of the outdoors when working inside.
  • Set goals and checkpoints in preparation for vacation time. Knowing a long weekend or week off is in the near future can be a huge motivation to get as much done as possible.

Summer is a unique season where employees can be productive as well as have fun. Finding ways to enjoy warm weather and flexible schedules is well worth the effort. What kinds of activities or initiatives does your office take advantage of in summer? Comment to share your ideas and connect with Tiger Leasing on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn!

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